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When we talk about attracting abundance into our lives, we're often told to do things like visualizing ideal outcomes, repeat affirmations, etc.  Today I'll bring you another technique that has worked for me time and time again.

Yesterday, morning at 9:00 am sharp a car pulled into my driveway.  Parked outside was a woman ready to perform maid service.  Typically, my maid appointments occur later in the day but yesterday was different.  Because of her early arrival time, she was done before noon.  As soon as she left, I felt ready to get to work.  Within minutes I received an idea that, if executed properly could generate tens of thousands of dollars in revenue.  Not taking my inspiration for granted, I drafted some emails hoping my idea will actually come to fruition.

As soon as the email was sent, I did a little bit of self-reflection.  Where did this burst of motivation come from?  Why did I suddenly have this genius idea that could produce greater abundance?  What happened?
It was as if being in my new clean, decluttered environment caused my mind to clear which allowed new ideas to flow.  But that sounds foolish.....right?

Maybe not.

I think there's a real connection between a clean/organized/clear environment and attracting abundance.  Years ago I went to this seminar that focused on creating a new reality.  One thing they emphasized was that in order to create, we must first start from a place of nothing.  Meaning that it's hard to change/alter a situation if we didn't first work to remove what already existed.

How is this related to attracting abundance?  If we want to change our current situation, we must make room for a new possibility to exist.  Something about physically cleaning out our environment sends a strong signal that we're ready to release the old to welcome something new and different (better).

I don't know if this ever happens to you but every time I declutter, I immediately receive some type of abundance. Sometimes it comes in the form of finding $20.00 in a pair of jeans.  Other times, I find an item that I thought I once lost.  There was even one time when I was waiting for a job offer that would allow me to work from home.  Weeks after I interviewed, I still hadn't heard anything.  So I prepped for the position by cleaning out what would be my future office.  Days later, I received the offer.  When things slow down with my business, I'll sometimes use this strategy to attract more sales or ideas on how to improve the business.

It never fails, I seem to always be rewarded in some way whenever I clear my immediate environment.  I take this as a sign that the action I'm taking is aligned with abundance.

I've got hoarder tendencies.  Living in the same home for a long time doesn't help.  If you've ever seen extreme cases of hoarding, you know that this type of environment represents the opposite of abundance.  On the flip side, if you ever watch videos of luxury modern homes, you'll notice that they're designed to promote space, simplicity, and minimalism.   Clean, sparse, neatly organized spaces are synonymous with wealth.  Clutter, cramped, overly disorganized homes are usually inhabited by those who have scarcity mindsets. 

Holding on to stuff longer than necessary is typically a sign of scarcity mindset, especially if the items don't hold sentimental or monetary value.  By leaving plenty of physical space in your environment, you're subconsciously sending the message that there's room for more....more amazing things to come into your life.

Time to try an experiment.  If you're feeling stuck in your life, try clearing out and decluttering your space in anticipation of attracting something new.   As we approach a new season, now would be the perfect time to get started.  At the very least, you'll supercharge your vibration by creating a calm relaxing environment you'll love.

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  1. This is so so true! I find that when my surroundings are messy then I am subconsciously thinking about how I need to tidy it and therefore I'm not fully focused on what I need to do!
    Chloe X


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