Brighter, Glowing Skin is Possible with this DIY Anti-Aging Mask.

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Another summer has come and gone.  How did you do with wearing sun protection?  Were you a good girl who applied sunscreen religiously every day?  I wasn't.  I tried my best things didn't work out as well as I would've liked.  Because sun damage takes a while to appear, we may think we've gotten away with skipping sun protection here and there.  But, even though we don't see it, the damage might still be there.

Even if the signs of sun-related aging don't show up for years, we still experience hyperpigmentation from increased sun exposure.  Perhaps a little skin brightening might be in order....and I have just the thing could help produce brighter skin while helping to minimize sun damage from summer.
Masking is something you see a lot of on Instagram.  For a while, we saw nothing but face masks.  But now the landscape is a bit more diverse.  Lately, I've been seeing folks focusing on masks that treat real skin issues.  If you have blemishes and acne, you might reach for a clay mask. When your skin is dry, opt for a sheet mask.

But what if you want a brightening, antiaging mask?

Well, ladies...then it's time for a vitamin C mask.

We all know how amazing vitamin C is for the skin.  Most of us have a vitamin C serum sitting in our product collection.  I thought a vitamin C serum was enough.   That is until I noticed that people were rocking concentrated vitamin C masks as a skin treatment.

Vitamin C masks are the perfect post-summer treat as a way of addressing the damage of UV rays. Perhaps your skin is like mine and is prone to breakouts when the weather gets hot.  While the breakouts are temporary, they often leave a semi-permanent scar behind.  We can sit idly and wait for the pigmentation to fade or we can treat it with a super-powerful antioxidant.

There's no question that our skin responds well to vitamin C. There are even studies that demonstrate the actual effects of vitamin C when applied topically.  Now it's time to try out C-masks to see if your skin loves it!

The good news is you've got options.  You can either grab a ready-made mask with solid reviews or you can go the DIY route.  If you want to try your own version of a vitamin C mask, all you'll need is some powdered ascorbic acid or crushed vitamin C tablets.  Many of the DIY recipes online combine vitamin C with honey.   I'm guessing they do this to combine the soothing, moisturizing qualities of honey to balance the strong acidity of vitamin C.

I'm going to experiment with adding vitamin C to my clay masks mixtures at home.  I'll mirror Pharmacy's formula using aloe vera juice, bentonite clay, and ascorbic acid.  If I want to get fancy, I may also include some exfoliating acids just to spice things up a bit.   I feel like vitamin C masks are perfect for fall.  Skin cell turnover slows down after summer so we need a little help to keep the skin bright and glowy.  And, by incorporating vitamin C masks into our regular routine, we're really feeding our skin with an anti-aging powerhouse.

What's better than that?

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