Forget Microneedling. Micro-Channeling might be the Next Big Thing in Flawless Skin.

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Lately, when I come across beauty secret reveals on IG, I'll sometimes see tools and procedures that were little known now becoming mainstream.  I love it when beauty innovations become commonplace.  This helps bring the prices down as more companies strive to get a piece of a booming market.  We saw this happen with LED masks. When LED first entered the beauty market, a mask costs thousands of dollars and only a few celebrities had access to their very own anti-aging mask.  Now, these masks are very accessible and even drug store brands like Neutrogena have thrown their hat in the game.

Another skin-changing beauty invention that I'm a huge fan of is microneedling.  After developing a skin routine that controlled my acne, my focus immediately turned to the obvious acne scars that were permanently engraved in my cheeks.  After a series of microneedling sessions, my skin began to look normal again.  My goal of going foundation free was quickly becoming a reality.

Now, a new procedure has appeared on the horizon. Some believe that this procedure might be an even better version of microneedling.   It's called micro-channeling and I can't wait to tell you why it's so awesome.
One the surface, microneedling and micro-channeling seem very similar.  They both use the power of tiny needles to penetrate the skin.  But the major difference between the two is how deeply they enter the skin's layer.

Microneedling needles create very obvious microtrauma to the skin.  Oftentimes, there's visible bleeding at the time of the session and a few days of downtime as your skin recovers from its injuries.  This type of trauma is what causes that wonderful collagen formation as the skin repairs. While most people (including myself) sing the praises of microneedling to facilitate skin transformations, some say the process is too harsh and can lead to long term damage from overuse.

When microneedling first came on the market, everyone (including professionals) were using those hand-held rollers.  Years later, came the advent of microneedling pens and suddenly, we're told that those derma rollers were more susceptible to user error which could lead to skin damage, infections, etc.  Dermapens represented the evolution of the manual needle roller.

Perhaps we've now reached another milestone in the world of micro-trauma for beautiful skin.  Micro-channeling takes the approach of focusing only on the outermost layer of the skin.  This could lead to faster results.  Especially if your scars or wrinkles are surface level.  Microneedling typically relies only on the work of the pen to create results.  Micro-channeling, pairs the tiny needles with ultra-potent serums and products that help refine the surface of the skin.

Because the needles are so small (finer than human hair), the downtime is almost non-existent.

 If you're scared of microneedling because of the needles, blood, and pain... look no more, micro-channeling is here to save the day.  This is a relatively new invention so most people aren't talking about it yet.  Based on the possible benefits, I won't be surprised if everyone isn't raving about micro-channeling a year from now.  More importantly, as the process becomes more popular, I'm hoping that prices will drop and (better yet) manufacturers will develop versions of the device that we can use at home.

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