This Cutting Edge Technology Brand Created a Detangling Comb...and I Must Have It!

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Years ago I had this comb drawer.  It was stocked full of various types of detangling combs.  Somehow, I developed this habit of picking up a new detangling comb whenever I came across one that seemed promising.  This went on for years until I found the detangling comb that changed everything.

Since then, I've been pretty content.  I invested in a couple Mason Pearson Detangling combs and called it a day.  The Mason Pearson comb became my absolute favorite for many reasons which are all detailed in this post.   Honestly, I never thought I'd see the day when another detangling comb would catch my eye....

But the day has arrived.

Some of you long term readers are aware that I love technology....especially when it invades the beauty space.  I have a ton of skin gadgets and weird flat irons that don't actually straighten the hair. If I come across a noteworthy beauty-related gadget, I want to experience it.

Check this out....

There's a company called Dyson that is known for innovating the design and function of household appliances that have been the same for years.  I own a couple of their fans and I truly appreciate the level of attention to detail they put into their product design.  They're like the "Apple" of household appliances.  Not long ago, they entered the beauty space with a hairdryer that looked completely different from everything on the market.  Not only did it have a revolutionary design.  They also specifically engineered it to help protect the hair from heat damage thanks to much shorter drying times.

I wasn't too shocked that an appliance tech company would veer into the beauty space by launching a hairdryer, but when they recently designed a "hi-tech" detangling comb, my heart was overjoyed.   Listen, I love my Mason Pearson comb with all of my heart and I've been loyal to it for years.  But, maybe it's time to experience a little something new....know what I mean?  At first glance, the comb doesn't look all that special. In fact, it appears like it might be a mediocre comb, at best.

But those Amazon reviews tell me otherwise. This comb is one of the rare items on Amazon that have a perfect 5-star rating.  Everyone pretty much agreed that this was a superior detangling comb.  But what really convinced me to break my vows to the Mason Pearson was this review shared by our favorite beauty editor, Ashley Weatherford.

"I am positive that this is the best comb I have ever owned. For one it’s still fully intact, which is already better than what I can say about my other combs that need to pay a visit to the comb dentist. The trick is that the teeth are flexible yet strong. Flexible so that they bend slightly when confronted with tangles, working with the knots instead of charging through and breaking off hair. But strong in that they don’t snap off while detangling. The teeth are also the perfect distance apart—any closer they’d ruin my curls, and any further away they wouldn’t comb very well."

I mean....what else is there to say?  I must experience this comb for myself.   It's even a bit more affordable than a Mason Pearson.....that's a sign, right?  The reason why I'm so obsessed with finding the perfect detangling comb is because most of the hair I lose happens during the detangling process on wash day or during styling.  If I lose fewer hairs each time I detangle, I consider it a small win.  And we all know that small wins add up to huge victories.

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