How to Turn Your Cell Phone into a Super Powerful Manifestation Tool!

My phone has become both a blessing and a curse.  On the one hand, it's a tool that I use for my business and to keep in touch with family.  On the other hand, my cell phone is a huge distraction.  My amount of daily screen time is more than I'm comfortable with.  What's worse is that a bulk of that time is spent mindlessly on social media.

Obviously, this is a habit that I'd like correct in 2020.  But instead of promising to spend less time on the phone, I have a better idea...

If this works, my phone can actually become a powerful tool that'll help me manifest all of my immediate goals. 

Here's how.

Years ago, I tried to turn my phone into a productivity powerhouse by downloading a bunch of to-do and planner apps.  They were helpful but somewhat complicated to use.  Actually, they weren't all that complicated, I just didn't use the apps as much as I should've. 

 The productivity apps were a great idea but it became too easy to dismiss the reminders and go about my business.  Now it seems that I've found a new technique that's a bit more effective.

Here's a run-down of the typical scenario that I encounter.  Each day, there's a list of tasks that need to get done.  Some of it gets done, some of it doesn't.  More often than not, I usually procrastinate on the tasks that are necessary to achieve the results I'm looking for.  I do the easy stuff and put off the more challenging tasks.  It's easy to procrastinate because I don't have any triggers to remind me of what I'm avoiding. 

Out of sight, out of mind.

Typically, avoidance comes in the form of picking up the phone and browsing social media.  Here's where the productivity hack comes in.....

Think about how many times you pick up your phone in a day.  Each time you grab your phone, you quickly glance at the image you set as your home/lock screen.  This image typically features a loved one or some cute puppy or something.  I'm here to convince you to give up the cute pic of you and your boo in exchange for a more powerful image.  One that will help you reach your goals.

If you've ever read the success habits of any of the personal development greats.  They all seem to have adopted the habit of writing their goals down every day.   There's something about getting reconnected with their goals on a daily basis that helps them achieve what they desire. 

Is writing down our goals some type of magical act that makes dreams come true?  Not at all.  What writing of goals does do is allow you to get reconnected with your greatest desires on a daily basis.  I've tried to write my goals down every day but I wasn't very consistent. 

The solution? 

Write down my goals digitally and save them as my lock screen. Every single time I pick up my phone, I'm reminded of exactly what I need to focused on.  Currently, I'm utilizing my lock screen as a place holder to prompt me into action.  For example, on my project list is to do a product video shoot for my brand.  This has been pushed to the back burner for a while now.  But ever since I placed a screenshot of a similar video on my lock screen, I've been moving forward with the steps to actually make this video come together. 

At first, I was going to put a collage of inspiring images as my home screen but, after further consideration, I decided it would be more effective to put an immediate goal on my list.  As soon as the goal is accomplished, I remove the image and replace it with my next objective.   Simple as that.

Every single time I look at my phone, I'm faced with an image of what I want. I tried to ignore my lock screen image like I did with pop-up reminders but there was no avoiding it.  Eventually, you realize that you can't run from what needs to be done and you spring into action.

Try this and see if it works for you.


  1. I made a digital vision board last year and saved it as my lock screen. I don’t know that it truly helped. Most times I didn’t really pay attention to it. But I will say I ate better, especially the last quarter of 2019, and that was on it. I will be more intentional this year!!

  2. Try it again since it did affect your behavior! This time you might want to switch the imagery regularly so you don't get too accustomed to the image.


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