This Heat Protecting Oil Has the Ability to Scientifically Rebuild Your Hair!

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I haven't used direct heat in my hair for a long time.  The plan is to stay consistent with my wash day routine, feed my hair from within, then enjoy the fruits of my labor this summer.  Ideally, I hope to have retained a few more inches that I can flaunt this summer.

When it comes to using heat, I've shunned traditional heat protectants for natural oils.  Using oils as a heat protectant isn't recommended.  Instead of protecting the hair, some oils could heat up on the strands potentially causing damage.  Even though I was aware of the risk, I still took the chance because of how well my hair responds oils.

This morning I learned of the existence of a new styling oil that protects against heat while also repairing the hair at the structural level.

Olaplex gained immediate popularity after developing a product line with the ability to actually reconstruct damaged hair strands.  Specifically, damage that comes as the result of the chemical processing (color/relaxers).  They already have an amazing range of products but this addition to the lineup has changed everything.

Imagine how excited I was to learn that they launched an oil fortified with an ingredient that rebuilds the chemical bonds in the hair. The oils that we typically use on a daily basis consist solely of plant oils.  Plant oils are nourishing but they can't protect the hair against heat damage. Perhaps that's why the team at Olaplex enhanced their formula with bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate.  You don't need to know how to pronounce this ingredient to understand how awesome it is.

Basically, it's Olaplex's magical, patented, ingredient with the power to help hair reform broken bonds from chemical processing or from using heat.  According to Olaplex, this miracle ingredient "gives hair superior strength my repairing broken disulfide bonds" enhancing its anti-breakage properties.
No. 7 Bonding Oil
I like the sound of that...

It's great that Olaplex makes this wonder-ingredient available to us in their range of products, but I want to you grasp how blessed we are to have access to a bond-reforming ingredient in a styling oil.  Years ago, I wrote a lengthy article sharing my philosophy regarding using heat.  We all know women who use heat semi-regularly without any obvious consequences.   I theorized that if we want to be like these women, we'd have to use products that not only protect the hair but also improve/enhance the hair whenever we apply heat. 

Olaplex's No. 7 Bonding Oil is the embodiment of what I was talking about.

No. 7 does contain silicones so I probably won't use it every day.  Gleau will continue to be my daily sealing oil when I moisturize but when it's time to use heat (or blowdry),  Olaplex No. 7 will have my back!

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