The "Powder Before Foundation" Makeup Routine is a Game Changer!


I don't know if anyone else experiences this but every summer I inadvertently abandon my foundation.  Instead, I find myself reaching for powdered coverage.  I do this because foundation and hot, sweltering heat seem to be at war with each other.  Covering my face in powder seems to help keep sweat and oiliness at bay.

Powders are great but there's a downside.  Tinted powders just don't seem to give the same level of flawless coverage as a liquid foundation.  Summers were made for patio dining, outdoor events, and day parties. We want our skin to look it's best, especially in natural light. 

Don't worry, there's a solution to the summer skin foundation dilemma that I can't wait to share with you.

My typical makeup application used to look something like this:  





But this summer, I'm switching everything up for a new routine that was made to withstand the summer heat.

Instead of applying powder as a finishing step, we're going to applying it first!  When I say "apply foundation first," what I'm really saying is that should apply your foundation after your powder.

Sounds crazy, right?  But hear me out....

When we apply powder last, we're allowing oil the opportunity to take over.  Foundation can't curb oil production so by the time it reaches the surface, the final layer of powder can't control it.  But, when you apply powder first, everything changes.

Next time you do your makeup, try doing it this way:





When you apply your makeup in this order, you allow your primer and powder to partner together beautifully to keep oil at bay before it reaches the surface.   Powder also gives your foundation something to stick to which helps extend its lasting power.  

Less oil production + longer-lasting makeup.  What more can you ask for?

Bonus Tip: There's another variation of this technique where you mix a little setting powder with your foundation before applying to make it more full coverage.  

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