Silicone Masking // The Beauty Secret Jessica Alba Swears By.


When I first got into the world of sheet masking, I was amazed at how much moisture one could experience from a serum-laden mask.  But then I thought to myself, "if only there was a way to make this sheet mask experience even better!"  

Not long thereafter, I learned of the existence of the silicone sheet mask covers.

They were basically a dream come true.  These reusable silicone masks were designed to fit (somewhat awkwardly) over your favorite sheet masks allowing for deeper penetration of the yummy serums and essences.  They also offered a ton of convenience by preventing excess drippage allowing you to wear a sheet mask while doing a bunch of household chores. 

I thought my silicone mask cover was pretty awesome and couldn't get any better......

...until I learned that one could use silicone cover without a sheet mask at all. 

The discovery came as I was scrolling through TikTok.  Jessica Alba's account suddenly appeared on my feed.  As some of us may know, she launched her beauty empire Honest Beauty a while ago.  In an effort to promote sustainable beauty, the brand added silicone masks to its lineup.   But, instead of labeling it as a sheet mask cover, they invite us to utilize them without the addition of a sheet mask.  

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After watching that TikTok, my very first thought was "where's her sheet is her skin so glowy?"  That's when I realized that Jessica was using the silicone mask as a tool to trap the moisture and hydration from her skin routine.  

Sheer genius.

This means that we don't always need a sheet mask laying around to infuse the skin with maximum hydration.  The silicone mask cover will trap moisture preventing it from evaporating quickly after application.  Notice how Jessica used her mask as part of her pre-night-out ritual.  I'm a huge advocate of using a sheet mask before going out but I can also admit that sometimes sheet masks can over saturate causing the skin to appear too glossy/dewy (if such a thing exists).   By skipping the sheet mask, she can still enjoy the benefits of enhanced moisture without potentially going overboard. 

If your skin could use a bit of a hydration boost. Give these "mask covers" a try.

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