The Brain Supplements that Gave Me Super-Human Levels of Focus.



A few years ago, someone in my family suffered a brain injury.  It wasn't until that family member was released from the hospital that I realized how much that brain injury affected daily their life.  I noticed a drastic change in their memory, cognition, focus, and overall well-being.  I couldn't just sit back and watch them deteriorate mentally, so I did some research to find out if anything was available to slow down or reverse the damage.

After a little bit of research, I compiled a list of various supplements to support brain health.  After many months of being consistent use, I noticed a clear improvement in my family member's memory and mental clarity.  The change was undeniable.

Not long afterward, I realized that, although I hadn't suffered a brain injury, my mind wasn't operating at an optimal state. Specifically, I had the hardest time focusing on my work and could barely get anything done.  I knew that a routine of daily meditation could solve all of my problems but I couldn't even focus enough to do it.  

So I decided to take the path of least resistance by asking myself "what's the easiest thing I could do right now to improve my brain health?"  

...the answer was....nootropics.

Nootropics are supplements geared at improving brain health and cognitive performance.  If you've seen the movie, Limitless, you've seen nootropics at work.  Limitless was fictional but there are supplements on the market that improve our focus and brain function.  After seeing the effects of nootropics on my family member, I had to try them for myself.

I bought a few bottles of various brain supplements and combined them in one jar to create my very first nootropics stack.  Last week, I started this experiment where I took a few of the supplements at once to combine their power for maximum effect.  I'm really impressed with the results. For instance, I've noticed a clear difference in my mental clarity within hours of supplementation.  I shared a quick glimpse on IG and got a few messages from people wanting to know more so here's a brief rundown of some of the supplements I'm taking at the moment:

-Pterostilbene - A natural molecule found in fruits and veggies. Blueberries are very high in this compound.  Many people compare this compound to resveratrol which has awesome health benefits. This compound is said to be able to help DNA to repair itself and improve brain function. In a few animal studies, pterostilbene was demonstrated to have a positive impact on working memory while reducing the effects of aging. 

-Vitamin B Complex- A couple years ago, I had bloodwork done to determine my nutritional deficiencies.  One area where I was lacking was in my b vitamins.  Shortly thereafter I got serious and invested in B12 & B6 injections.  One immediate side effect was that I often felt motivated and energized for a few days afterward.  So then I looked into the cognitive benefits and learned about the connection between b vitamins and the brain.  Studies have shown that populations that don't consume enough b vitamins in their diet will often suffer from lower brain function.  In fact, low levels of B 12 is associated with poor memory and decreased brain volume. 

-Bacopa Brahmi - An Ayurvedic herb with cognitive benefits.  Helps to improve age-related cognitive decline.  Studies were done using this herb resulted in the study group experiencing higher memory scores and lower instances of stress and anxiety.

-Ashwagandha- When your mind is all over the place, and you have a lot to get done, your anxiety levels might rise.  That's where ashwagandha comes in.  It's an herb that's known for its ability to reduce cortisol, reduce anxiety and increase mood.  This herb isn't just for our mood, it's also been shown to help improve attention span.  

-Ginko Biloba - Ginko was one of the main additions to my family member's regimen because it's been shown to promote blood flow to the brain.  Blood flow is especially important to someone with a brain injury.  Where blood flows, nutrients go.  Blood flow and improved circulation are also healing to the affected area.   

-N-Acetyl-Carnitine- An amino acid that enhances the production of a neurotransmitter that supports brain function. This supplement really makes a difference in the elderly.  Amazon reviewers often take this in the afternoon to avoid that late afternoon energy slump.

-Fish Oil - Prior to adding the standing nootropics to my regimen, I noticed increased mental clarity whenever I added high-quality fish oil to my routine.  When I took fermented cod liver oil, I had the most vivid dreams ever.  My brain was crystal clear. 

The world of nootropics runs deep so the list above is far from complete.  I'm still learning and researching other supplements to add to my stack.  Since taking brain supplements I feel more like I'm the observer of my actions which allows me to make conscious, clear decisions on my actions versus feeling like I'm stuck in an endlessly repeating loop.

We routinely take supplements for healthy hair, for gut health, or to strengthen our immune system, so why not feed our brain with the nutrients it needs to operate at its peak?


  1. My family member had suffered a brain injury and was suffering from memory loss so I gave them Lion's Mane Powder. There are a bunch of brands on Amazon ( I also added liquid ginko biloba extract ( to increase blood flow to the brain and encouraged them to get exercise regularly to further stimulate cerebral blood flow.

  2. I remember watching a TV show where an actor (Eric Roberts) said he had suffered a traumatic brain injury. He said someone advised him to take to take phosphatidylserine, phosphatidylcholine, Gerovital and Aslavital. This was back in the early 1980's. He said it helped him get his memory back.


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