The Path of Least Resistance: "What's the Easiest Thing You Can Do Right Now?"

Today, I'll give you a small piece of advice that will hopefully change the direction of your life.   This morning I went on a morning walk.  Typically on these walks, I'll open the voice app and record an update of various areas of my life.

This morning's update went very well.  I noticed that I've made impressive progress in areas where I struggled for months.  After a bit of reflection, I realized the reason for my wonderful progress came from applying one simple principle that changed everything.
Currently, I'm executing a bunch of habits that I've struggled with in the past.  How did I get here?


Unknowingly, I followed the philosophy of taking the path of least resistance to enjoy the results I have today. 

Months ago, I weighed more than I do now, had no morning routine, my productivity was minimal and I felt lost.  Today, everything is different.  Here's the journey that led me here.

Prior to this transformation, I struggled majorly.  Something had to change. I wanted to be doing so much more but I just couldn't motivate myself into action.  So instead of forcing myself to jump directly into rigorous routines, I took the lazy route and followed the path of least resistance.

Resistance keeps us stuck in one place.  I needed to move forward. I knew that if I took that one, tiny step, it would be tremendous.  This morning I watched a video featuring Tim Ferris, author of the Four Hour Work Week.  Tim said that whenever he has a complex problem he asks himself "what's the easiest way to solve this?" 

In the same way, whenever you struggle to move into action, ask yourself, "what's the easiest thing I can do right now."  Although I didn't actually ask myself this question, my action reflected it. Let me give you a few examples.

I get more done when I work from a pre-written list of actions.  When I'm super productive, I use planners, calendars, the works! On the opposite end of the spectrum is when I work "freestyle."   Freestyling is a recipe for disaster because a lot falls through the cracks.  I was freestyling for months even though I KNEW how important it was to write my daily list. I'm happy to say that I'm no longer working without structure thanks to the simple act of writing things down on Post-Its.  That was my path of least resistance.  It was quick and required no effort so I did it every day. Soon, I returned back to my fancy planners because that was the obvious next step.  And my days have been going smoothly ever since.

Months ago, I ate way too much sugar and suffered from low energy.  I knew that I had to get more fruit/veggies into my diet.  I had to find the path of least resistance.  For me, this meant purchasing large containers green juice which I used to fill smaller single serving bottles. Now, all I have to do is walk a few steps to the fridge to enjoy a serving of veggies.  The energy I get from them allows me to work efficiently all day and skip out on the sugar snacks.  This weekend, I actually juiced fresh veggies for the first time in forever.  How did I get here? I first took the easy route.

The same process applies to jump-starting my business or in any other area of my life.  Sometimes when we want to alter our current outcomes we vow to make these major changes.  Unfortunately, the greater that action you want to take, the greater level of (internal) resistance you will likely face.

Then what happens? 

We stand still.

We can't afford to stand still.  Not in this economy.  We've got things to do and there's no time to allow resistance to slow us down.  Remember that an object in motion will stay in motion so all we have to do is GET IN MOTION.

*Disclaimer* The Path of Least Resistance strategy should primarily be used to kickstart your action. From there, you should raise your level of action on a consistent basis in order to enjoy enhanced results.

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