[LIFESTYLE DESIGN] Enriching Your Environment proven to Stimulate the Brain

Friday is finally here.  I have a new tradition where I plan out my weekend on Friday.  For the past couple months, I've dedicated a portion of the weekend towards improving my environment.  This mainly consists of decluttering and organizing.

 It's an annual process that began years ago.  It's a method I utilize to prepare my life for the new year that awaits.  The goal is to create a "new" environment to attract new experiences in my life.  Little did I know that what I was doing was having a real impact on my brain power.
It started when I decided to that corporate America was no longer for me.  I devised a plan to work all year long and request two weeks off at the end of the year.  But instead of traveling off to some foreign land, I stayed home and did the following:

1. Cleaned/decluttered my home.
2. Worked non-stop on my business.
3. Invested time into my personal appearance.
4. Replicate elements of my ideal life. 

This routine wasn't perfect but it was ultra-powerful.  The process ALWAYS began with a focus on improving my environment.  I found that if my environment was right, a burst of motivation followed.  It was a similar experience to Eddie from Limitless. When he took his brain enhancing pill, the first thing noticed was his chaotic environment.  The moment his space was cleared and organized, all of the sudden he had the motivation to finally grind out that book he had been putting off.

Cleaning & organizing my space was good, but I also felt the need to also elevate it.  For me, this meant purchasing high-quality candles and decor that stimulated my soul and made me feel good. I couldn't explain it, but when my house was on point, something was also happening to me internally.

I can recall a few times when someone has stepped into my home, paused, and proclaimed, "wow, you have a nice house."  What they're commenting on is probably my decor.  It's nothing special, just a few notable pieces that add to the feel of the home.  That's what I strive to achieve...an environment that stimulates at deeper level.  There's a reason why wealthy people invest so much into their dwelling.  They utilize their living space to nurture their abundance mindset and lifestyle.
This morning, I discovered that by enriching my home environment, I could have been stimulating the growth of additional neurons in my brain.

There's evidence that "enriching the environments" of rats increases neurogenesis.  Neurogenesis is simply the generation (growth) of neurons in the brain. When they enriched the environment of the mice (by adding running wheels, colored tunnels, other mice) neurons grew and had a greater survival rate!  Growing neurons is healthy for our brain but they don't always have longevity. Especially if we don't actively use certain parts of our brain.

Keep in mind that once we've something new, the subconscious kicks it to turn it into a mindless behavior.  That's how we carry out most of our day.  We drive to/from work and complete our required tasks based on old information stored in the brain.  Operating on autopilot necessary, to some extent, but it inhibits the growth of new neurons.

If we can leverage the power of our environment to help promote a healthier mind, we must do it!

Those of you working to create new outcomes for your life, consider leveraging the power of being in an "enriched environment."  Maybe that means that you dedicate time to improve your home decor. Or perhaps, you work from places that make you feel good. Just like the mice experiment, enriching your environment also includes the people you surround yourself with.

I remember working out of specific coffee shops because I would be surrounded by real entrepreneurs as they discussed business strategies. Often times, I pretended to be working but was really listening to their brainstorming conversation as inspiration.  That was enough to stimulate my brain into action!

There a bunch of other ways to stimulate the growth our brains and we should experiment with all variations.  But, if we must begin somewhere, start with where you spend most of your time.  Enrich it in the way you see fit.  Never stop elevating your environment. 

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