Your Foundation Application May Never Be Flawless Unless You Do This.

Once upon a time I went to my local professional beauty school for a massage.  Since the services were pretty affordable, I inquired about also getting a facial.  Whenever I go in for a skin service, I like to ask the person which treatment they think would best benefit my skin based on their assessment.

As the student looked at my skin under a bright light, she pointed out some concerns that I was well aware of. There was some acne scarring on my cheeks and dry patches on my forehead.  As we neared the end of the consultation, one of the professors came in to observe.  The student repeated all of the concerns that she identified when suddenly, her teacher responded with "what about the discoloration to the lower half of her face?"

I was a bit stunned.  "What discoloration? What was she talking about? How come no one had ever mentioned this before?"
When I got home that day, I looked into the mirror and, for the first time ever, I noticed that the bottom half of my face was darker than the rest. It wasn't that drastic, but it was there. Most of it is concentrated around my mouth and chin.

Unlike the rest of my hyperpigmentation, the discoloration is much more subtle.  And because it's not caused by past trauma (like acne scars) it's harder to treat.  There's a way to deal quickly address this issue.

And that's through color correcting.

I didn't understand the wonders of color correcting until recently.  I purchased a color correcting palette at a make up show and had no idea what to do with it.  After watching a quick video, I realized that the orange/reddish colored concealer held the secret to neutralizing my discoloration.

Even my most amazing concealers are no match for some of my darkest areas.  This keeps me from creating a truly flawless appearance.  Concealers are great, but they can only do so much.  If we take a second to color correct prior to applying concealers, we can change everything. 

If you have a deeper skin tone, a reddish-hued concealer might make the difference between a mediocre or an amazing finish.

Currently, I have one color correcting product in my possession.  That's not enough.  Since color correcting is the key to creating the flawless skin of my dreams, I must have an arsenal of products in place to get the job done.  I need a slew of color correctors in various forms (pens, liquid, cream, etc).

Best of all, color correcting doesn't require much technical skill, just apply to the dark areas and blend. Color correcting won't produce a cakey result like when you keep applying layers of foundation those dark areas.  Foundation is good, but it could work so much better with the help of a product created for the purpose of neutralizing hyperpigmentation. 


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  1. Girl I am so happy I read this!!! I have the same problem around my mouth!! It's subtle and annoying but now you have done it!! I will be going to grab me a few items and get to blending!! I simply adore your website. I don't know how many others feel this way but I look forward to ALL of your articles every week!!


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