Normalize Masking Before Makeup


 The dryness of winter air has me scrambling for options to intensify hydration.  I've been layering products like crazy but today I had to reach into my sheet mask drawer to deeply moisturize after cleansing because my usual products weren't cutting it.  Once the sheet mask was removed, I had a brilliant idea...."I should do my makeup!"

Katie Perry once did this thing where she live-streamed her life for several days.  I peaked into the live stream a few times and, whenever she got her makeup done, her artist would start off with a sheet mask of some sort.  This model I follow on IG was asked what her favorite beauty product was.  Her response was that she was loving sheet masks lately.  She accompanied the response with a picture of her, sitting in a professional makeup chair, wearing a sheet mask. 

Even if professional makeup artists don't do a full face mask, they'll use undereye masks, around the smile lines, forehead, or even the hands.   

Makeup artists have a secret technique that no one talks about.  Before working their magic on the faces of celebrities and models, they prep the skin with a sheet mask.  This happens almost every single time.  As a matter of fact, sheet masks gained popularity in the mainstream beauty market because a bunch of celebrities were posting #sheetmaskselfies while sitting in the makeup chair prior to awards shows.

My skin looks its absolute best when deeply hydrated.  It makes sense that any makeup I apply afterward will look so much better.  Sometimes the skin loses its natural luster once makeup is applied, that's why we reach for highlighter to simulate the look of glowing skin.  Sheet masks are masterful at creating the most natural glow from within.  

Another amazing side effect of serum saturated masks is the plumping effect.  By nature, makeup generally makes us look older. Infusing the skin with intense hydration prior to makeup can help counteract some of the settling that happens with makeup when the skin is dehydrated.  

If you want to give "masking before makeup" a try here are some tips to make it a smooth process:

1.) Reach for your favorites.  Use a mask that your skin knows and loves so you won't have to deal with any surprises, like a mask that coats your skin with too much product.  Brightening masks are a great way to prep for a night out. 

2).  Apply your mask well before your departure to ensure the product gets absorbed fully.

3.)  If you have a microcurrent device, use it while you're wearing your mask or immediately afterward when your skin's moisture levels is at its peak.  This helps improve the conductivity which makes your device even more effective.  

One wonderful side effect that I'll enjoy from adopting "masking before makeup"  is that I'll use sheet masks more often.  I'm pretty certain that my skin will benefit greatly from adding a few more masking sessions each week or month. 

After you try this, you'll wonder how you ever did your makeup without masking first.  

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