Lori Harvey Sparks Controversy with her Latest Beauty Secret Reveal.

Beauty Secrets

 You guys know that I'm a sucker for celebrities authentically sharing glimpses of their beauty secrets.  Today I want to share yet another beauty tip from model-socialite, Lori Harvey.  I've written multiple articles about Lori in the past.  Once she launched her skincare line, I thought we'd never see another #notsponsored beauty reveal again.

I was wrong. 

The other day, Lori shared a short video on TikTok where she revealed her favorite at-home treatment "for getting rid of dark marks pretty quickly."  One mistake I've made over and over when it comes to treating discoloration is a lack of urgency.  I'm more concerned with eliminating the pimple, but once it's gone, I don't move quickly to deal with the aftermath.  My slow response allows the hyperpigmentation to get worse.  Then it takes forever for the marks to eventually fade.  

Lori's approach is completely different.  In the video, she talks about how a routine visit to her facialist resulted in post-extraction scarring.  Lori is known for her flawless skin so she refers to the dark marks as a "no-no."   She understands that, the longer she waits to address the issue, the harder it's going to be to correct.

So what's Lori's go-to strategy to "magically erase" her dark marks?


Yep, instead of relying on some high-end beauty product, Lori reaches into her fridge and grabs a small container of Fage Greek Yogurt.  She refers to this yogurt for clear skin trick as a "gamechanger." 
After cleansing her skin, she applies the yogurt all over her face (not just on the dark marks) and allows everything to dry.  Once dry, she rinses off, and voila. 

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 As you would imagine, a few people took to social media criticizing Lori for (1.) not using her own skincare product to address the concern and (2.) using yogurt on her face.

Those who warned others not to use yogurt may not have realized that yogurt contains lactic acid which can offer gentle exfoliation.  Lactic acid is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) which is an ingredient found in a ton of popular skincare products...but it's also naturally occurring in some dairy products as well. It gently dissolves the bonds that hold old skin cells together so they can be exfoliated.  Lactic acid also promotes cell turnover while stimulating cell renewal.  Those with sensitive skin might find that AHA's are gentler than stronger exfoliators.  

The idea of smearing yogurt all over one's face may seem outlandish at first.  Perhaps that's why people vocalized their concerns to the point where Lori felt the need to publish a response video to support her original claims.  But the truth is that women have incorporated lactic acid from dairy into their beauty routines for centuries.  We're fortunate enough to have commercially available products containing lactic acid at our disposal

If you're a fan of using turmeric topically for brighter skin, you can even experiment with whipping up a yogurt/turmeric mask to see if your skin likes it.  A turmeric yogurt mask seems like a perfect weekend activity to try while lounging around the house. 


I guess the internet wouldn't leave Lori alone so she had to bring in reinforcements to let people know that she wasn't smothering food on her face for nothing. 

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  1. I use all the acids - lactic, glycolic and retinol - from head to toe. They really work for me!


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