Cheers to Beet Juice for Pretty Skin and Gentler Periods

I've been looking for more natural ways to treat my period-related symptoms.  When I was younger, my symptoms were so bad that I had to choke down countless pills just to make it through.  At the end of my cycle, I sometimes get these throbbing headaches.  Typically, I'd reach for the Tylenol but after randomly going to an oxygen bar, while on my cycle, I realized that my post-period headache was gone simply by increasing the blood oxygen levels in my body. 
This made me wonder what other natural strategies were available to help ease my period symptoms.  Then, while watching Youtube, this girl talked about how she incorporated beet juice into her routine and experienced promising benefits. My ears perked up when I heard her say that, not only did her skin clear and look healthier from beet juice but her menstrual cramping was also reduced. 

Listen, I'm not a fan of beet at all.  But I'm willing to take one for the team if it means prettier skin and less physical pain every month.  

Beets are an interesting root vegetable because it's loaded with nitrates.  Our body converts these nitrates into Nitric Oxide.  Think of Nitric Oxide as the fuel that drives our internal circulation by helping our bodies to dilate and constrict our blood vessels.  When nitric oxide levels in the body is low,  one might experience symptoms related to poor circulation like high blood pressure, low energy, poor memory, and unhealthy arteries.  Men with low nitric oxide might experience erectile dysfunction. 

I'm a big proponent of healthy circulation.  In fact, I believe that proper circulation is an anti-aging pillar that no one talks about.  When the girl from the youtube video mentioned that drinking beet juice gave her healthier skin, it made perfect sense.  The increase in overall circulation probably improved the blood flow to her face which gave her a noticeable glow.  When she went on to say that drinking all-natural beet juice the week before her period made a major difference in her cramps, I was willing to call a truce on my beet juice feud once and for all. 
According to webmd, there might be a correlation between iron levels and pms-related symptoms.  Wouldn't you know it, beets are rich in iron.  By drinking a cup or so of beet juice in the days leading up to her period, she's giving her body what it needs to fight off potential symptoms.  

One thing to keep in mind is that beet juice has the power to lower blood pressure (thanks to the enhanced blood circulation).  This is especially important to note if you're someone whose blood pressure already runs a little low.   If that's the case, maybe you take a smaller amount of beet juice or look into other alternatives for reducing period cramps like using organic maxi pads.

It's nice to know we've got options.

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