[IG Beauty Secret] Nakia Renee Urges us to Buy Her Favorite Pore Clearing Mask.


 Summer is nearly here which means our skin will be producing more oil, causing our pores to go haywire creating unsightly breakouts.  One weapon we have at our disposal to combat this desirable situation is the almighty clay mask.  

When my acne breakouts were out of control, clay masks were there to save the day when topical treatments didn't work.  I have a real soft spot for clay treatments. Whenever someone boasts about their favorite clay mask, I'm all ears.  So you can imagine how excited I was when reality star and singer, Nakia Renee,  esthetically showed off her beloved pore-clearing clay mask.  

A few months ago, Nakia posted a couple of stories on Instagram. In one story, her face is coated with the mask as Nakia repeatedly bullies urges us over and over to go get Innis Free's Volcanic Clay Mask "if we want good skin."  In a follow-up story, Nakia informs us that her previous clay mask rant wasn't a paid ad and that her passion for the mask is because she "just really likes their mask and it's amazing and.. thinks we should try it". 
Can we take a moment to appreciate how Nakia also uses the clay mask on her neck? 

Having never heard of this mask before, I did some digging to find out what makes it so amazing. 

Innis' biggest selling point is that their pore-clearing mask contains "Jeju Super Volcanic Clusters."  The backstory of these mythical clusters is that they emerged as a result of volcanic eruptions on Jeju island.  The porous clusters are said to be super absorbent and packed with minerals.  As if the nutrient-rich volcanic clay isn't enough, they went and added alpha hydroxy acids to add an exfoliation factor. The product claims to minimize the appearance of pores, exfoliate, cleanse, and even skin tone.  What more can we ask for?

innisfree mask
the clay mask of your dreams

  The reviews I've read support the product's claims and corroborate Nakia's personal testimony. This mask sounds like it's the real deal.  Many refer to it as the "holy grail of clay masks."    I have a few clay masks in my collection and I like them...but I've yet to find a clay mask that I'm obsessed with the way the Innisfree maskers are.  

I'm ready to join the winning team.

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