The Double Lined Lip Will Become Your Newest Beauty Obsession.

Of all types of makeup, I spend the most money on lip products.  I've been on this never-ending journey in search of the perfect lip combo.  I've tried it all, hydrating lipsticks, matte, liquid, buttery glosses, lip tints, balms, lipsticks in pencil or stick form,  You name it, I have it.  

Even with a lifetime of lip products in my possession, I still wasn't satisfied.  Just the other day, while standing in front of my vast lip product collection, I said to myself, "I wish I had the perfect, simple everyday lip combo. 

Days later, the answer to my prayers miraculously appeared on my timeline. 

Right now, Coachella is in full effect.  While stalking stories on Instagram, I expected to be inspired by festival fashion.  Instead, I stumbled on a beauty tip that extremely grateful for. 

British style influencer Jourdan Riane was asked by one of her followers to share the combo used to create the flawless matte lip she sported at Coachella (seen above.)  Thank goodness Jourdan decided not to gatekeep and willingly shared her beauty secret.

Instead of lip liner and lipstick, Jourdan "double-lined" her lips.  First lined her lips with a darker color, the infamous Chestnut liner from MAC, (or Espresso from NYX ) then she reached for a second lip liner and filled her lips with MAC's Cork liner.  I just happened to have both liners on hand so I tried Jourdan's technique for myself.  Because my skin tone is a bit darker than Jourdan's, my results weren't as dark.  Cork is the exact color of my natural lips so this liner combo (topped with a little balm) produced the most perfectly natural matte nude lip.  It's exactly what I was looking for.  


What I'm really excited about is trying the "double-lined lip" using various combinations for the thousands of pencil lip liners I already have in my collection.  Can't wait to pair Chestnut with a pinky brown liner or pair two liners with plum hues together to create a matte-berry lip.  Like Jourdan says in her story reply, using liner as your primary lip color creates tremendous lasting power.  If long wear is something that you value in your lip products, this double liner technique was made for you.  Everyone should give this a will not be disappointed.  

Pro Tip:  Make sure to try this intense lip hydration routine to prep your lips ahead of time. 

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