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I completely adore these lightweight trenches.  They just scream that "fall is here!" Best of all, they perfectly compliment whatever you are wearing without taking away from your overall look.  I need to have one of these before the year is over.  

I keep filling my Pinterest boards with collections of spaces with a simplistic, minimalistic feel.  Just looking at them clears my mind and brings tons of inspiration.  It's perfect timing because this is the time of the year when I like to declutter my space to make room for more.
I'm actually proud of how I've managed to stay disciplined with my handbag obsession.  But, if I were to add a couple more into my collection, I'd go for a Chanel Boy with gold trim.   But before I do, I'd definitely go for the Givenchy Antigona. A couple of years ago, I invested $200 into a quality work bag from  Michael Kors.  That bag has been through absolutely everything and still maintained it's quality.  I'd love to step my game up a little with regards to my business appropriate bags and this is just perfect.  I stopped by the Chanel store a while back and took a look at their offerings for business appropriate bags.  I told the sales agent that I wanted something that could hold my laptop.  He recommended a couple of options then I showed him a pic of the Antigona to which he replied that the Givenchy bag would better meet my needs.  I'd love to add it to my collection in 2015.

If I could find a quality fitted motorcycle jacket that looked as amazing as the one pictured here, I'd grab it in a heart beat.  My goal is to search high and low until it somehow finds its way into my closet.


  1. Lightweight trenches and dusters are my thing this autumn! So many gorgeous ones around so spoiled for choice!

    Drea xo

  2. Looks nice on her but I Would probably just look like the pink panther aa i am only 1,65 m. The black biker jacket is something different though. It is so calling My name...��

  3. That moto jacket is amazing. And super expensive looking. Did you look into the Chanel GST? I can fit my laptop in there, it's not very secure but if I'm just in and out of my car (rather than travelling) then it works just fine. The Givenchy bag has been calling my name but I'm trying to be mindful of my purchases this year.

  4. That trench coat and a Micheal kors bag is definitely being added to my collection. lovely seeing someone else who wants this in their closet. Can't wait for Payday


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