#Fearless Friday| How being Fearless Changed My Life

I hope that some of you have taken on #fearlessfriday as a mantra.  This tiny little slogan has pretty much changed my life.  Although it first began as a means of making tiny, uncomfortable choices that I would otherwise avoid, somehow the idea of taking fearless action has now seeped into other areas of my life.  Through the practice of #fearlessfriday, I became very aware of how hesitation in my action was causing pain in my life.  Once I realized that, things everything changed.  This week, I made a decision which will essentially change my life.  My life in 2015 will look very different from the past four years.  I have a multitude of possibilities ahead of me simply because I was inspired to practice walking towards my fears.

I apologize for the cryptic nature of this post.  My intention is to inspire you into doing something small today that will cultivate the feeling of power and courage.  There is so much available for you if you take being fearless as your own personal challenge.  Remember, we're not talking about jumping out of planes (yet).  We're talking about doing small, ego building actions that will eventually lead to dragon slaying.  I slayed a massive dragon on Monday. But only because I stepped on a few insects first.  I know there are other, much larger dragons that will be coming my way, so I will continue to practice insect squashing each and every day.

Speaking of dragons, you know how in old school video games, there was always this huge dragon or monster that protected a princess or pot of gold or something?  I think real life is like this.  We all probably have this huge goal (one of mine is to become financially independent).  But along the way, there are a myriad of minions that must be defeated.  After all the obstacles, you finally get to the place where you find your princess.  Problem is that she's being held captive by a massive beast.  This beast is your biggest fear.  Good thing you went through all the trouble of defeating his minions because you were able to collect extra points, additional powers and learn fighting techniques to conquer the dragon.  Imagine how frustrating the game would be if you had to face the dragon right away.  No, instead, you go through the process.  One reason why we don't achieve big goals because we haven't built up our powers.  We can not rescue our princess without successfully completing level 1.  That is what #fearlessfriday is all about.  So if you haven't taken the idea of #fearlessfriday as mantra for today, I invite you come play.  Let's slay that dragon!

(*No animals were harmed during the writing of this post*)


  1. I try to be fearless every single day. I'm becoming braver. And I don't idolize fear any more, I know exactly why i feel fear. I feel it, and then I do it anyway. Thank you for always motivating us.

  2. I needed this! THANK YOU!!


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