EVERYONE Swears By These Two Products To Eliminate Breakouts + Acne Scars

One of my favorite pastimes is scrolling through my Pinterest feed. There, I immerse myself in endless amounts of inspiration.  But, sometimes, I come across valuable content.  My favorites are the beauty secret reveals. Whenever one shows up, I take note and move on.

But, every so often, the same recommendation will pop up from several different sources.  That's when I sit up in my seat and take notice.

Today, I bring to you one such example of a little-known beauty secret that comes highly recommended.
This skin care secret is a simple combination of two products that you probably already have in your possession. I would have never thought to combine them to create a super-product were it not for these generous Snapchat users who let us in on their secret.

Basically, people swear by the combination of witch hazel and aloe vera to eradicate breakouts while eliminating stubborn acne scars.
If you've been reading the blog for a while, you already know of the wonders of witch hazel.  Although I had a bottle sitting in my stash and paid it no mind until Megan Milan shared how amazingly well it worked on her breakouts.  Witch Hazel is a powerful acne-fighting ally because of its anti-inflammatory properties. It's an astringent that "causes tissues to contract" by making proteins in the skin cells to draw closer together (skin tightening and pores shrinking perhaps?)

Witch hazel sounds amazing on its own.  But some have paired witch hazel with aloe vera to treat scarring.  I have no idea how aloe vera can address discoloration so I did some research.  Aloe vera has tremendous healing properties.  Based on the testimonies I read online, I suspect that aloe helps acne scars via the healing process.  As our blemishes heal, they leave behind scars.  As with any other skin trauma, the use of healing aids helps the skin to recover faster.  The smoother the healing process, the less visible the scar left behind.

I'm not sure how well this combination works on old scarring but I'm willing to give it a try.  At the very least, I'll at least help keep breakouts away through the consistent use of witch hazel. Not to mention that the high water level of pure aloe vera gel (or aloe directly from the plant) will help keep my skin's moisture levels intact.


  1. While I can attest that this does work, if you want quicker results with dark spots I would suggest adding Vit-C serum and sunscreen with this regimen. Nadinola also helps the process with rapid-fire speed (1 week tops). Most Folks are afraid to try it, but don't worry, it only lightens spots/scars and makes skin brighter, not pale. And again use SUNSCREEN! :)

  2. I can totally vouch for this combo. I toned with Thayers witch hazel and then used Lily of the Desert Aloe vera gel. The KEY with this is to use an essence (or a moisturizing/hydrating toner) after the witch hazel, so that the aloe vera gel doesn't feel like a tight mask on the skin. Instead, the moisturizing benefits of double toning leave your face moisturized. Now I use an exfoliating toner in the place fo witch hazel, than an essence and aloe vera before moisturizing with a cream. Cleared up my spots within months! In combination with Paula's Choice BHA, your pores look sooo tiny.

  3. I can testify that we shouldn't sleep on aloe vera. At home we always had aloe vera plant (I think most haitian family). I had few years ago demartite on my feet and my dad use the gel from the plant to help me heal them. I didn't know the healing power of this plant.

  4. If I use benzoyl peroxide on my acne do I just apply it after the witch hazel and aloe?

  5. I have both of these things!! i will give this a try, and give my honest review. Thanks for the heads up!


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