High Neck + Sleeveless.

With spring quickly approaching, I've been very vigilant for inspiration to update my wardrobe.  It gets pretty hot where I live so I'm always thinking about how to stay cool in nearly 90-degree weather.  I pretty much live in tank tops.  But, if I were being completely honest, I admit that my tanks aren't really that stylish.

Sure they look ok if I layer a little cardigan or something over it.  But I want tops that look perfectly stylish on their own. 

Tank tops are great but they're very basic.  They're great if you want to look fully dressed down but, in 2020, I want to elevate my dressed-down looks in an effortless way.  Swapping out your tank tops for a high neck, sleeveless tops is the right move.  

Even if you're wearing this kinda top with a pair of vintage jeans, you still look pulled together.   The silhouette is feminine, minimalist and flattering.  This spring, I plan on picking up a few of these tops in various colors.  

I noticed that, in recent years, a lot of women are going for cropped tops.  Don't get me wrong, crop tops are cute but the high-neck tank offers an option of showing off our arms and shoulders in the most beautiful, subtle way.   I also love the fact that the sightly higher neckline really pairs well with shorter hair or pulled back hairstyles which is my go-to look when it's hot out.  I could totally see myself wearing some statement earrings, a neat bun, and appearing totally pulled together with this shaped top versus a typical, boring, tank.   Best of all, high-neck, sleeveless blouses are very affordable so everyone should absolutely have one as part of their wardrobe.

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