FENTY Beauty released a powder foundation...and I am here for it!


One of the intentions I set at the start of my skin journey was to have skin so flawless that I'd never have to wear full coverage makeup again.  As my skin improved, I found myself reaching for my foundation less and less.  

I viewed this as a huge win but I no longer needed the help of heavy foundations to recreate the look of even skin.  But, instead of forgoing makeup altogether, I turned my attention to power foundations as a suitable alternative.  Powder foundations are great, especially if you're an oily girl.  Instead of covering discoloration, they sort of blur them away. 

I have 6 or so foundations in my rotation, but I only owned a couple powders. One was from Bare Minerals and the other from NYX.   I was pretty happy with the options I had, that is until I learned that Fenty Beauty finally added a powder foundation into their lineup.  I had no choice to buy it, and I'm glad so glad I did because Fenty's Pro Filt'r Powder Foundation is a must-have. 

My requirements for a high performing powder foundation is simple, cover my acne scars and even out my skin without looking dry or ashy.  Bonus points if my skin still looks like actual skin after application.  The reason I purchased Fenty's Soft Matte powder foundation without hesitation is because their liquid foundation is known for creating a perfectly natural look so  I knew their powder would not let me down.

Let me tell you that I was not disappointed.  Pro Filt'r Foundation is my skin's perfect match.  Listen, I love Bare Mineral's loose powder foundation.  It creates a beautiful finish but loose powder isn't portable which makes it sort of impractical for touch-ups.  Fenty's packaging is super-cute and perfectly packaged. Fenty's compact has 2 mirrors which is a genius attention to detailWe all know how compact mirrors tend to get powder residue on them rendering them almost unusable.  Fenty solved that problem forever.

If you are a fan of natural-looking makeup, you have to check out Rihanna's Pro Filt'r powder.  Rihanna is an advocate for highlighting your natural beauty and it shows.  This power is non-cakey, long-wearing, blurs beautifully, and claims to be humidity resistant.  If it indeed resists sweat and humidity then I have found my long lost love. 

One quick note, if you already own Fenty's liquid foundation and want to try the powder, the numbers aren't an exact match.  Keep that in mind when selecting the color for you.  Overall, I deem Fenty's Pro Filt'r as Top Tier and many of the Beauty Gurus on YouTube would agree.  One word you'll hear repeated in the reviews to describe this powder is "skinlike"  and that's exactly how I want my powder to operate.

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