Lori Harvey Demonstrates The Cardinal Rule of How to Look Good While Running Errands.


The other day I came across a TikTok featuring an Issa Raye lookalike who excitedly told the story of how she met a guy at Trader Joe's who could be her future potential husband.  She was so giddy and hopeful that I couldn't help but wish that she and the Trader Joe's guy find their happily ever after.  

As someone who met their husband at a grocery store,  I understand the advice of always looking put together even if you're just going around the corner 'cause you'll never know who you'll run into.  

This week, I came across some candid snaps of Lori Harvey on a grocery run.  She's wearing distressed jeans, an unassuming charcoal sweatshirt, and unbranded shoes.  But she's also shopping in Beverly Hills where the possibility of being snapped by paparazzi is always present.  For that reason alone, Lori has to master the art of being dressed down while looking totally put together.

She can do both because she follows one simple cardinal rule.

Focus on the neck up.

From the neck down, Lori's look is pretty unassuming.  Her outfit is comfy and understated.  All of us have worn jeans and sweats to the grocery store.  I rarely look this polished on a mundane grocery run. That's because I didn't follow Lori's law of always looking polished.

If we analyze her from the neck up we see that a bit more attention and intention is placed on how she presents herself.  Aside from her inconspicuous handbag, Lori's not wearing any accessories other than on her face. Most notable are the oversized diamond studs.  her earrings are a statement piece that satisfies the requirement of "always have something on that sparkles." 

Next, our eye is drawn to her sunnies which look pretty simple at first glance.  Their slightly asymmetrical frames make them a bit more interesting to look at which is the perfect compliment to a simple outfit.  Grab Lori's cat eye sunnies dupes here. 

 Lori is also rocking what appears to be a bare face.  Wearing no makeup on a grocery store run is pretty expected...but since you never know when paparazzi might appear,  statement sunnies are the necessary piece that elevates this entire look.  

A while back, Lori launched a skincare line so I know she stays on top of her skin regimen and facials because she can't be caught with anything less than flawless skin. After all, it's a reflection of her brand.  Clear, healthy skin is a must when you're dressing down because all the emphasis is on your face.  It also sends a subliminal message that although I haven't placed a lot of effort into the clothes, I still prioritize my skincare.  

Lastly, let's talk about her hair. It's just pulled in a bun, nothing special about it, right?  


I wear my hair in a bun quite a bit.  Never has my bun looked as put together as Lori's.  That's because I rarely take the extra steps necessary to perfect my hair. Someone once said that having your hair done will make you look more polished than anything else.  I've seen photos of Lori Harvey attending evening events with her hair looking exactly the same as in these candid pics.  
Meaning, her hair is styled to the level where she could simply change into an evening attire and fit right into the environment.  Messy hair + understated clothes give the impression that little effort was put into the look.  Styled hair and casual clothes means you still look your best no matter what you're wearing. 
Thank you, Lori, for reminding us that focusing on the neck up is a must for those of us who live in casual clothes.  Never will I be scared to run into someone unexpectedly, while running errands, ever again. 

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