Flexirods saved my weekend

This past weekend was kinda busy for me. It all started off with a call from a friend of mine who was a birthday on Sunday. She organized a girls night out on Friday, and because I didn't prepare until the last minute, I had to rely on a quick and easy tool to get my hair ready.

I had no time to conduct a full wash and set routine and I had to think fast. The first thought that popped into my head were of my trusty flexirods. The weather in the city where I live is hovering at around 100% humidity so I knew that I had to employ the use of some type of styling products in order to create loose curls in just a few short hours.

With my trusty Silicon mix intensive leave in at hand, I quickly went to work. I parted my hair in large sections and created a dime-sized mix of Silicon Mix and jojoba oil for each section. I then proceeded to wrap each section around the flexi rod in a spiral curl motion until I completed my entire head of hair. The flexi rods were in my hair about an hour or so before I removed them one-by-one. It wasn't long before the curl-loosening effects of the humidity set in causing my curls to drop.

The end result looked something like this:

The very next day I had to once again create a last minute do it yourself hair style for a wedding I was attending. The person organizing the wedding gave all of us bridemaids only one suggestion, that we wear our hair curly. Again, I went straight for my trusty flexi rods. This time my goal was to create tighter, more defined curls. Because my husband and I spent most of our afternoon exploring the streets of our newly renovated Downtown, I basically had only a couple of hours to create the perfect look for the wedding. The tight timeline forced me to use a product that I haven't touched in probably a year, my Hask Placenta styling mousse.

The wedding hairstyle required much more flexi rods then the style I created the night before. Because I created the look starting with dry hair, I had to use an ample amount of mouse with each section of hair. I was pleasantly surprised at the end result considering the fact that my hair was not freshly washed and the look came together within a couple of hours (at the most).

Here is a pic of the finished look:

The wedding party was quite large. There were probably 20 bridesmaids or so sporting curly do's. Of all the bridesmaids, I was the only person who did not use an ounce of weave.

Here is a pic of a fellow bridesmaid, my husband, and me on the right.

Where would I be without my flexi rods?


  1. I love your flexirod set. This is how I'm rockin' my hair right now.

  2. your curls look so pretty. Great job!

  3. Gorgeous curls!

    When my hair grows out, I'm going to try those flexirods.

  4. so pretty! i have heard nothing but great things about flexi rods. I would love to add them to my product drawer, but I need to lay off with the hair related spending. =)

    Thanks for sharing your pics.

  5. Your hair looks fab! I will have to try!

  6. I bought some flexirods on a whim and was surprised at how quickly they curl dry hair. I love them and use them often even to the point where they break I have to replace them! lol


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