Can your flat iron actaully create healthier hair?

Healthy Hair
Part of my regimen weekly regimen involves washing and rollersetting. Because I tend to have new growth more often then not, I usually finish up my routine by blowing out my roots with my Super Solano dryer and a round brush. Even though I haven't experienced much noticeable damage by consistently following this practice, I really felt that this method was a healthier alternative to flat ironing the roots. That is until I heard of this......

This, my friends, is the Sedu professional tourmaline flat iron from Revlon. It's one of those fancy shmancy flat irons with a hefty price tag. As of late, these irons have been gaining more and more popularity. I paid around $139 for my Sedu. My only saving grace in affecting the price was my opportunity to use the 20% off my total order coupon from Ulta Beauty. I purchased this product after reading multiple pages of reviews on Not only were these ladies loving the results they were seeing, they were so happy that they were willing to post pages upon pages of before and after pictures depicting how amazing this flat iron works.

Before I talk about why I bought this iron, let me first say that I hate normally using a flat iron. What I hated most was the look and feel of having limp hair which felt like it the life taken out of it. I'm not talking about how straight the hair is, I'm talking about how unhealthy the hair feels afterwards.

So why did I buy this iron?

The Sedu people claim this iron to be a "healthier" alternative to it's counterparts. They claim that the key to a better flat ironing process lays in the superior nature of their tourmaline heating plates. Here is some information I gathered from

Sedu flat irons are the only irons with plates constructed of solid tourmaline and ceramic. These naturally moist substances infuse moisture and shine deep into the hair strand. Tourmaline is a precious stone that has the ability to release negative ions when heated. These negative ions are beneficial because they prevent damage to the hair cuticle, but simultaneously infuse moisture and shine into the hair shaft during straightening. As this "Infra-red heat technology" infusion of negative ions seals in moisture, hair gains lustre. Hair maintains that healthy, shiny sheen that is oh so difficult to keep when frequently straightened. The result is that coveted, glossy smooth finish that Sedu Flat Iron users achieve.

Other 'ceramic" flat irons are merely coated with a thin plate of the material. Some of these other flat irons will eventually straighten hair, but only at your hair's own expense! They dry out hair and cause extensive damage to the hair shaft. The plates heat unevenly and scorch the hair cuticle in some places while leaving it rough and untreated in other spots. In addition, the strength and moisture in your hair is depleted. Over time, hair becomes brittle, weak and even more difficult to manage. Because its plates are made of solid ceramic and tourmaline, the Sedu releases up to five to six times the amount of negative ions and healthy energy as any other flat iron, cutting your hair straightening time in half. Even though the styling time is shorter, the Sedu still offers more protection for your hair than any other flat iron.

The Sedu ceramic flat iron plates are engineered to be micro smooth. Hair strands glide smoothly through the silky, ultra smooth plate surfaces.This ensures that you can maintain a smooth, steady straightening motion as you style your hair. The uniquely smooth plates eliminate any pulling, snagging and breakage that occurs with conventional metal-plated flat irons.

All that information sounds absolutely beautiful but I still went into the purchase knowing that I was buying a hot iron to straighten my chemically treated hair. No amount of "healthier hair" talk would convince me to believe that a flat iron would actually be good for the hair. I bought the Sedu, not because I felt like I was being given a license to straighten recklessly. On the contrary, I went into this decision by first assessing my level of discipline regarding the use of this product. I made a promise to myself that no matter how amazing this iron was, I would still use it sparingly and with great caution.

So there I was with the Sedu box sitting in front of me. I carefully opened the package finally made it to the 1 inch iron. This thing is absolutely beautiful. I plug it in and turn on. Seconds later the iron reached it's pre-set temperature. This iron is very different from my $30 straightener I normally use. One of my favorite features of the Sedu is the temperature controls. I like the fact that I can set the temp on the lowest setting possible that will still straighten. I don't have to settle for just high or low. So when I first used this thing, I had a good inch of tightly coiled new growth. I took the smallest portion of hair possible and quickly ran the iron across my new growth. My rollerset took care of straightening the length. Let me just say that this iron is extremely effective. My new growth was no match for the straightening power of the Sedu. I even did a test where I ironed a section from root to tip just to test the claims of smoother, healthier feeling hair.

I must admit, that somehow, the iron was able to make the hair feel healthier after use. The hair was shinier and felt softer. I do consider this iron to be a more effective way to straighten new growth then my old iron. Because it works so well, I only have to leave it on the hair for a few seconds to get the results I want.

So if you are in the market for a new flat iron, may I suggest that you consider using an iron that claims to better protect the hair. It's all about continuous improvement. This iron does definitely seem to be an improvement compared to other irons, both on how the hair looks, and how it's impacted by the heat. Once again, I will remind myself and everyone else that no matter how advanced the technology, a flat iron and should still be used sparingly.

For those of you who are ready to step up your flat ironing experience, welcome to the world of the Sedu.
Revolution Professional Nano Tourmaline Ionic Styling Iron (1 inch)

Revolution Professional Nano Tourmaline Ionic Styling Iron (1 inch)


  1. Thanks for the awesome post.SEDU is on and has been on my wishlist for awhile. I am very impressed with the results and the reviews. I have several hairoes who love the SEDU. My current corioliss is great but it's set on "hell" all the time. IT has no temp adjustment. So I will have to figure out if I'm getting the SEDU or a temp adjusted corioliss when I am ready to take the costly plunge into professional styling tools.

  2. N_Vision :-)

    I've had the 1 inch Sedu aka the Seducer ;-) for the past year and I love it. This is what I use when I silken my roots after each wash & set.

    Although, I recently purchased the HAI Twig which is 3/8 an inch just for my roots. It's also great because of the same features as the Seducer. I felt compelled to get this one because, I would be tempted to silken my entire head whenever, I used it. The Twig is only good for the shortest of hairs, so no temptation there.

    I hope that you enjoy it as much as all of us fellow Seducers.

    ETA: I was asking you in your regimen post about wash & setting twice weekly deep into my stretch. What do you think about me setting up until my difficult weeks and then silkening with the Seducer for the remaining weeks and then I airdry for the last wash prior to touch-up time?

    I figured that I would only be using heat for 3-4 weeks of my stretch.

    Let me know what you think.

  3. That sounds like a pretty solid plan. That way you are not using the heat for too many consecutive weeks. How long have you had your iron?
    Have you noticed any damage from long term use?

  4. N_Vision :-)

    Thanks. I've had the Seducer for a year and the Twig for 3 months. I haven't experienced any heat damage from constant use. In fact my regimen was wash/steam/hood-dry 7 min/silken. I would do this regimen faithfully every week 2x a week.

    Then I modified my regimen to wash/steam/set/silken roots 1x a week and silken entire head 1x a week. Then I started to read the boards and became paranoid about using heat, even though my hair was thriving.

    I noticed that the ceramic/tourmaline plates seal in the moisture extremely well. I also don't apply products to dry hair. Since I apply my leave-in and serum to damp hair, my hair will stay soft and moisturized until my next wash, so this works for me.

    The interesting thing is, I started to notice a negative response in my hair when I followed the "board rules" ie wet bunning, air-drying and braidouts...which seems to work for others. Also, I haven't had a trim since April of last year. Although, I will be trimming for my birthday next month and possibly get a swept cut bang. But I was prepared to trim every 13 weeks aka touch-up time. However, it was unnecessary.

    I hope that this drawn out answer helps :-P. I would even suggest using the Redken Smooth Down Butter Treat Conditioner & the Detangling Leave-In Cream. These items are my staples from the beginning to the end of my stretch. I love that it works for setting & silkening, even air-drying the most post hair.

    BTW - how frequently do you intend to use it?

  5. Gosh Anon, the Redken Smooth Down Butter Treat Conditioner & the Detangling Leave-In Cream sound absolutely scrumpscious. I'm definitely looking out for them next time I'm at Ulta. I think I'll triy the Detangling cream first to try with my rollersets.

    **I feel a review post coming on.**

    Anywhoo, I don't plan on using the Sedu more than once a week but only after I've accumulated a decent amount of new growth. I've never been one to flat iron much just to have picture perfect hair. You're right though about the hair feeling nice and moisturized/sealed with the Sedu. I don't know how they do it but the hair looks (and feels) fab after use. It's good stuff!

  6. N_Vision :-)

    I'm certain that you'll love it!!! I will await your review post.

    Please note that it's extremely rich, so a little goes a long way. Some even use the Butter Treat as a leave-in which is stated as an option on the directions as well.

    Although, I don't like it as a leave-in, unless I emulsify it with h2o.

    Okay, I'll refrain from another essay response... :-).


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