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Hair Science

I was in the middle of conducting some research online on the specific ways to improve elasticity in the hair when I come across this golden nugget of wisdom written by our good friend Dr. Ali Syed who authors a very imformative blog called In the Lab with Dr. Ali Syed.

The 10 page document I stumbled upon is titled: Hair Damage, it's causes, prevention and cures. I especially like the chart at the end of the document which describes the various hair damage symptoms and how to address them. The minute I saw this document, I just new I had to share. Hope you like.....

Image by: Dr_Alan_Bauman


  1. This guy needs to go on ahead and hire you, as you are one step behind each of his discoveries. Thanks for sharing. x

  2. Thanks for posting this. so much of what is discussed here makes so much sense. Well done for finding it and sharing with us.


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