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Saturday I decided to make a vitamin run because it had been a while since I ran out of my omega 3 supplements. Normally I tend to toggle back and forth between cod liver, krill, or fish oil depending on my budget at the time. I know how crucial omega 3 oils are to the overall functioning of the body. That's why I walked into the store determined to come out with a quality fish oil supplement.

Ok, so there I was standing in front of a huge display of numerous varieties of fish oil brands. After a few moments, I summoned sales person over for some sound advice. Little did I know that I was about to strike gold. As it turns out, the sales rep suffers from eczema. Because of her skin ailment, she has come rely on the use of omega 3 oils not just for overall health, but to treat a specific condition. I knew from the moment she shared this piece of information that I was talking to an expert.

Even though I had already selected a bottle which I intended to buy, the store rep graciously let me in on her little secret. She grabbed a bottle of Nordic Naturals, held it up, and I'll never forget what she said next.

"I've tried every brand of fish oil on this shelf because I have a skin condition. No other brand that I've tried has worked for me like this one. I can usually see a difference in my eczema after a few days of using this."
Well that's all I needed to hear. It's one thing to buy fish oils because it's good for you. It's completely different when someone has identified a brand for you that actually provides noticeable results. Why do I care about which brand of fish oil someone with eczema likes?

I... no, we care because our hair needs it. Our hair is made up of several layers. One of those layers consists of lipids, i.e. fats. Essentail Fatty Acid (EFA) is litterally one of the components of the hair. Proper amounts of EFAs in the system actually helps improve the levels of elasticity and hydration in the hair. If you aren't getting sufficient amounts of EFAs, you are probably growing hair that may be dehydrated and vulnerable. Oh, and by the way, dry flaky scalp can also be impacted by an increase of EFAs in the diet.

Once a superior brand of Omega oil was identified by the store rep, I immediately made my purchase and returned home to research. The first thing I did was look online to find out what made this brand of Omega 3 so effective. It didn't take too long for me to find this taken from Nordic Naturals' website

Exceeds International Pharmaceutical Standards
Standards are set to protect consumers
Fish oil quality standards do not exist in the United States. To ensure ongoing quality, Nordic Naturals adheres to and exceeds the stringent Norwegian Medicinal Standard (NMS) and the European Pharmacopoeia Standard (EPS) for all products. These standards guarantee quality products by setting maximum allowances on peroxides, heavy metals, dioxins, furans, and PCBs.

Exceptional Freshness Levels
Freshness, which ensures product integrity and biological efficacy, may be the single most important quality of fish oils. Nordic Naturals’ patented, oxygen-free manufacturing process delivers peroxide values (indicators of freshness) down to absolute 0.0 mEq/kg, with an average of 0.75 mEq/kg or approximately 14 times below the Norwegian Medicinal Standard and European Pharmacopoeia Standard limits. The lower the peroxide value, the fresher the fish oil.

Exceptional Purity Levels
Purity is a significant concern among fish oil consumers
Nordic Naturals’ raw material is harvested from some of the cleanest waters in the world, and is tested by independent laboratories for heavy metals and over 210 other environmental contaminants. See research for more information on environmental toxins.

Award-Winning Taste
The key objections to taking fish oils are taste and aftertaste. Nordic Naturals utilizes a proprietary enzymatic process to ensure a completely repeat-free product. Our patented manufacturing process adds natural fruit essences into both the capsule and oil for a light, fruity taste.

Exclusive and Exceptional Raw Material
A great finished product starts with the best
Nordic Naturals starts with the best raw materials available: fish low on the food chain, which naturally contain low levels of impurities. All of our products are made exclusively from three fish species: Arctic Cod, Anchovies, and Sardines, as they are naturally high in the Omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA. Additionally, we use organic evening primrose and borage oils whenever possible for our fish oil blend products. In fact, Nordic Naturals is one of the largest buyers of organic primrose and borage oils in the world.

Multi-Patented Manufacturing Process
Without chemicals or excessive heat
Nordic Naturals’ multi-patented manufacturing processes, accompanied by leading edge processing technologies, deliver fish oil with exceptional freshness and purity levels. Nordic Naturals uses several steps in processing the oils, from water and clay filters to an enzymatic molecular distillation process.

We use only the natural triglyceride form of fish oil
Triglycerides are considered the natural form of the essential fatty acid molecule. Over 98% of all fats ingested are in triglyceride form.
Next I scanned various websites and found numerous glowing reviews about this product. Most of those who tried it enjoyed the fact that the fishy aftertaste burp common to most fish oil supplements is not a concern with Nordic Naturals. I, for one, have not experienced any of this unwanted side effect. So I just wanted to share this wonderful find with you all. I do have to mention that this brand is a tad bit pricier than your average Omega 3 supplement but the concentration of EFAs per capsule is higher than most. Not only that, you are also getting a quality purified supplement compared to other oils on the store shelves. It think this brand will definitely be a keeper for me.

~Here's healthier hair, ladies~

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  1. Thx 4 this post...I was just about to repurchase my fish oil pills. I will try these out esp considering the hubby suffers from eczema.


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