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I've published yet another video. This one focuses on my basic hair care routine. For me, the biggest area of focus is my wash and set. This step lays down the foundation for which I am able to further build upon. There will be more regimen-type videos to come. For now, check this one out and feel free to ask any specific questions..


  1. Great video! Thanks for posting. You and your hair are beautiful!! I'm looking forward to hearing more about your regimen.

  2. Finally someone in the black hair care blogging world that admits to actually wanting to wear their hair out, rather than in a bun all the time! Hooray, your hair is beautiful. Thanks for showing the rest of the world that it is possible without the oppressive protective styling - I was starting to think I was crazy :).

  3. Do you think that doing a wash & set twice a week would be too much manipulation for a 3 month stretch?

    Airdrying, braidouts & bunning doesn't work for me and I exercise 4-5x a week. Also, do you think that I should co.wash 1x and shampoo 1x a week or continue with shampooing 2x a week with 1 lather?

    I appreciate your feedback.

  4. Hi Anon!
    To answer your question about rollersetting twice a week, it really all depends on the condition of your hair. If you are able to do a full rollerset without causing too much trauma to the hair, then rollersetting twice a week is fine. Whenever I rollerset, I save all the hair I lose just to make sure that it isn't excessive.

    Washing twice a week with regular shampoo may be a bit too harsh (especially if the shampoo has sulfates). Since you work out regularly, you may want to try Hair One conditioning cleanser. It cleans the hair but it's gentle enough to use for multiple washes throughout the week.

  5. N_Vision :-)

    I appreciate the Hair One suggestion. Which do you think I should get? I have 4b hair as well.

    What do you think about setting my hair for the full 3 months during the stretch and silkening the roots?

    Also, If I only washed & set once per week do you think my hair will break due to the accumulated sweat?

    I appreciate your response as well as your informative posts.

  6. When I work out, I bun the hair and keep it tied down. Usually, the entire length of the hair is not impacted by the sweating. If that's the case for you, then you can wash as needed. If, on the other hand, you hair gets really drenched with sweat, you'll probably want to wash more often.

    Silkening the roots during a stretch is fine as long as:
    -The manipulation of rollersetting and straightening is not causing too much breakage/damage.

    There comes a point in time during my stretches when it no longer makes sense for me to try to straighten my roots with heat (doing so would cause more evil then good). That's when I rely on curlier styles, like a flexi-rod, braid out, or updo's and buns.

    When I get near the last stages of my stretch, it's no longer about straightening the roots. It's more about flattening the roots. The scarf becomes your best friend at that time.

    So, yes you can silken for the full stretch only if you promise me that you'll watch your hair like a hawk to make sure that it's not reacting adversely.

  7. N_Vision :-)

    That's a great idea in regards to bunning and keeping it tied down. I always do a high ponytail uncovered. Should I leave the scarf on until my hair dries and then take it off? What do you do?

    At what point during your stretch (8/9 weeks) do you rely on curlier styles? I was thinking that I could use my purple rollers during that time and just pincurl instead of wrapping.

    Have you co.washed and set your hair? What are the results? I will revisit airdrying, but I don't know what to do with my ends, since I prefer them to be smooth. I will try flattening the roots with my scarf, another great idea!

    Do you prefer silk or satin? How should I tie it so I don't get the weak spot in the nape area?

    Your detailed responses to my questions are much appreciated.

  8. Anon to answer your questions, I usually remove my scarf when I arrive home from the gym. By then, I would say that my hair is dry. Keep in mind that I don't get drenched with sweat so my hair doesn't get all that wet. If you tend to sweat alot, I would prepare the hair with some light moisture and oil to avoid frizzing as it dries.

    As far as when I stop rollersetting, I usually rely on my new growth to let me know. For instance, if you can still produce a decent hair style by doing a rollerset at 9 weeks, then more power to you. It's all about the texture of your new growth and if it takes too much away from the end result you want to acheive.

    I have both silk and satin scarves. Both work well for me overall as long as I prepare the hair before tying with a nourishing product. You asked a great question about protecting the nape area from damage. I would say that a good practice in strengthening any weak spot (whether nape or temple area) is stimulation via a mini scalp massage. Stimulation is one of the best things for the body. Any area of the body receiving increased blood flow will respond.

  9. N_Vision :-)

    Thank you. Oh, you didn't tell me if you've co.washed & set your hair. If so, what were the results?

  10. Sorry about that! Yes I have co-washed and rollerset. To be honest, I still get desirable results with a co-wash rollerset. Airdrying doesn't work that well for me so co-washing with a rollerset beats co-washing and airdrying.

    Now that I think about it, using Hair One is similar to co-washing. With Hair One, there's little sudsing action. When you use it, it kinda feels like using conditioner on the hair. I use H O every week and rollerset. Ever since hair one came along, I don't co wash as much as I used to.


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