30 days later: Here's my experience with taking silica


As of this moment, over a month has passed since I first began taking silica. As I mentioned in my previous post, I felt like I began experiencing positive results very quickly after I began taking the supplements. So now more than 30 days have gone by and I'd like to share an update of the benefits I've received from fully incorporating silica into my regimen.

Immediately after introducing silica into my routine, I paused my juicing practice. So for the past 30 days, I haven't juiced once for fear of not being able to identify where my results were coming from. This way I could be confident that any benefit I received was directly attributed to silica. 

 When I made my first silica purchase, I picked it up in pill form because that was all I could get my hands on. Shortly afterward I placed an order online for silica gel so I could take this whole silica thing to the next level. Once the gel was in my clutches, it became my main focus. I used the pills whenever consuming the gel wasn't convenient like when I was traveling or on days when I simply forgot to take the gel. On a few occasions, I would even "double up" and take a pill and the gel in the same day.

So now, a month later, I'm ready to talk about my experience. As I mentioned in my first post, I immediately experienced a benefit to my skin. My highly acne-prone skin shifted suddenly the moment I introduced silica to my system. Since then I've had to deal with only 1 pimple. Not one breakout......one pimple. Incidentally, that pimple came only after I introduced a new moisturizer into my regimen. Once I stopped using that product, I suffered no additional breakouts. So to me, even if I experience no benefits to my hair, I will still use silica to promote clear, healthy skin. 

Not only has my skin improved greatly. I am also happy to announce that I am now the proud owner of a new set of fingernails. What I mean to say is that silica has truly made an impact on my nails. Normally, I don't do anything special to care for my nails so they grow at their own rate and break pretty frequently. In the past, you'd rarely see me sporting lengthy nails on all of my fingers. Nowadays, I'm filing them down to keep them at a manageable length. Although I'm excited about this, I'm also a little bummed that I now have to include nail care into my maintenance routine. Before this, my nails stayed short and didn't require any attention. Now I have to keep them filed, even, and neat. It's a great problem to have.

So now let's get to the meat of our conversation. How has silica impacted my hair? My last touch-up was mid-February (not long after my first take of silica). Currently, I have a nice new crop of growth coming in. That's all good and well but I can't say for certain that my hair is growing any faster (although I do feel like I have quite a bit of new growth). What I will say is how pleased I am with the quality of growth. My virgin growth isn't as tightly coiled as before. For the first time in as long as I can remember, I can brush my edges with a brush (without product) and they actually listen. They actually listen. If things keep going as they are, I should be able to add at least a couple of weeks to my stretch (if not longer).

Again, this is just a mini-update to acknowledge the good I've received from giving my body this most essential mineral. At this point, I'll be re-instituting juicing back in my daily grind and further reap the benefits. If I were to compare my experience taking silica versus when I was taking high doses of biotin regularly, I'd say that both supplements impact my new growth rate. Both have the ability to grow my fingernails. If I remember correctly, biotin makes my nails a bit stiffer, stronger. Biotin gave me longer lashes. I'm not experiencing this as much as with silica. Biotin also grew hair all over my body. 

Growing a "stache" and toe knuckle hair is not a good thing (sorry for the visual). Silica impacts the tone and clarity of my skin. There's just something about it that my skin likes. Overall, I'm pleased with the results and I'm really looking forward to seeing where I am 6 months with regards to the overall quality of my skin. So all in all, I would call silica a great overall beauty supplement. It's a must-have. 
Update: Since writing this article, I've incorporated bamboo tea into my regimen since the price of silica gel has gone up tremendously. Another reason why I went with bamboo is because it's plant-based.    Bamboo also has the highest source of silica you can find anywhere.   When I don't have time to brew tea, I add a little bamboo extract powder to my iced coffee or matcha latte.  Because tea is a liquid, I suspected that the nutrients found in bamboo tea would be readily available to be absorbed by the body.   Drinking the tea daily gave me incredibly strong nails, a healthier texture, reduced my hair shedding, and overall positively affected my hair growth.  It's definitely a must-have in any beauty regimen. 



    1. Amirini : no i took Sillica gel my hair had grown and much thicker i just went for a small trim she
      just chop it off so now i bought bamboo sillica with biotin but next month i will get sillica gel mix with a little juice and drink good results..

  2. I have both pill and gel form. The gel is similar in consistency to aloe vera gel except with a gritty texture versus a smooth one.

  3. Wow! I am going to try it... But how do you take the gel? With juice? Straight down the hatch? Do tell please... :)

  4. Hi there ,Does sillica really work ? just want to have a try.

  5. Hi Nadege, I just have to say that I started really trying to take care of my hair over the past year, and your blog and a couple of others have been a wealth of information, and I appreciate it!
    Anyway, I started taking the Silica gelcaps, and drinking the Fiji water too (I always drink a lot of water, but not Fiji brand), and I have to say, my skin is greatly benefiting. My face has more of a glow and less of a "dull" look to it that I can get during the winter months. I don't know if my hair is benefiting, but it can't be hurting them. I'll definitely look into the liquid form, and see if that makes it even better. Thanks again for all of your information!

    That Chick Té

  6. Hello Nadege,

    I was wondering how much did U take on a daily basis when U were taking the gelcaps ? I purchased silica from amazon that requires me to take 2 500mg caps 3x daily. Seems a bit much to me. Thanks so much for your help.

  7. Hi Stephanie,
    I mainly used the gel form of silica, but when I did use the tablets, I wasn't taking 3x daily. When I took the gel the serving size was about 420 mg. Hope that helps.

  8. Hi Nadege

    Ive gotta say I loove your blog. Even though I rock natural..the information here is so useful. Love what is the brand that uses silica and aloe vera as a moisturizer please?

  9. Hi Zoe,
    The silica & aloe gel was from the same brand as my silica gel supplement. But it seems like the product has been discontinued.

    This website still sells it.

  10. A good way to get silica is food grade Diatomacious Earth. It is 89% silica. You can read about it with loads of testimonials at earthworkshealth.com. I've been taking it for just a few weeks, my blood pressure went from high 150's/80's to low 120's/70.

  11. I found that liquid silica worked fairly well, but worked marvelously when I took it with a low dose potassium supplement. I think they work well together. I just take 2 drops daily in water 5-6 days per week and that's enough for me.

  12. nadge

    can u explain y the gel is better than the silica pill form-is it more absorbable does it give maz impact vs the pill format


  13. Excellent and helpful post… I am so glad to left comment on this. This has been a so interesting read, would love to read more here….

  14. I had great luck with diatomaceous earth (DE). I put a few tablespoons in a big jug of water, shake it up, let the DE settle for three days. Then I drink a glass a day of the water. I don't drink the DE itself, because I think the bodies of those animals are too sharp and could potentially cause problems with my leaky gut. But I noticed my nails growing much faster when I'm drinking it, and it's cheap, cheap, cheap.

  15. I am blown away by it, my hair is growing like never before!! ��

  16. I LOVE Silica! Since 2007 lost nails and hair due to medical condition.....doctor advised me to take biotin and selenium daily which helped hair, somewhat. Nails....no. After finding strange bugs in my house, I read about DE and bought Human Grade DE because it would also help my dogs loose stools....what??? Two for one!! After such great success with these things, I did extra research in main ingredient in DE...Silica. Wow!! Bought Horsetail and within three weeks, I had an entire set of ten fingernails!! All mine! I couldn't believe it, I still can't. The bottle says to take three, 550mgs daily but I take only two. By the way, my hair, it is so thick and shiny, you'd think I was a lot younger! Also, I have no side effects.

  17. Please be aware that silica destroys thiamine so you must supplement.

  18. You should try collagen and hyaluronic acid.


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