Style Sunday: The Finishing Touches

 Guess Sandal| Nars Nails| Rose Gold Studs| They're Real Mascara| FlowerBomb| Sugar Lip Balm| Balenciaga Clutch|

My wardrobe is in desperate need of an overall.  That day will come but until then, I'm thinking of ways to perfect my look without having to go out and buy a bunch of new clothes.

In the end, I want to look polished and put together by strategically using accessories and finishing touches to maximize impact.  Here's what I'm lusting.

~The Fiercest Heel~
01. Guess Dabby Sandal-  Before investing in new clothes, I'd love to grab a pair of well made heels that are both eye catching and wearable at the same time. I'm loving this one made by Guess which has sexy & stylish written all over them.

~Nailing it!~
02.  Nars Nail Color- The one thing all well put together women have in common is that their nails are always on point. Since I tend to wear lots of neutrals and blacks, I let myself experiment with bright nail colors.  Whenever I do, there's a 95% chance that someone notices and pays a compliment.

~Sexy Studs~
03.  Michael Kors Rose Gold Studs- I just can't get over how cute these earrings are.  They're understated yet classic.  I need these in my life.

~Longest Lashes~
05. Benefit "They're Real" Mascara- Probably my favorite mascara of all time.  Whenever I ask a sales person at Ulta or Sephora which is they're favorite mascara, the answer is always the same.  I've gone through several tubes of this and I have a brand new one on standby so I never go without.  On days when I want to look natural, and not bother with eye shadow, a few coats of this mascara does the trick.

6. Viktor & Rolf FLowerbomb- One of my favorite scents of the moment.  I don't wear a ton of perfume so I like to wear scents that I adore since I'm probably the only person smelling it.  Perfume, to me, is like a reminder that I want to present myself as confident, sexy and perfectly put together.  This scent does all of that and more.

~Softest Lips~
06. Fresh Sugar Lip Balm-Lipstick is not part of my daily routine.  For a long time, I was on the hunt for a natural lip balm that conditioned the lip, making them look soft and healthy.  Once I found this Sugar Balm, my search was over.  It doesn't hurt that this perfect lip treatment also provides SPF coverage.  I have several of these lip balms and I love each one of the them.  They're perfect for those of us who don't want to sport shiny gloss or bold color but still want to create amazing looking lips.

~The Perfect Clutch~
07.  Balenciaga Envelope Clutch- I love big bags.  Lately though, I realize that sometimes, less is more.  A smaller, fabulous, clutch can make more of an impact to my overall look than a huge shoulder bag.  Then I saw this Balenciaga bag in grey and fell in love.  I like the idea of using a different color in place of the usual "black bag."   The search has officially begun for a cute statement clutch, that can go with anything, to add to my collection.

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