Wash Day Ritual: More than a routine.

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I've got a confession to make. Lately the idea of spending hours on wash day pre-pooing, deep conditioning, steaming, roller setting, styling, has become a bit monotonous. That's when I realized that I was in desperate need of a little inspiration. After all, this is the most important day of the week (as far as my hair is concerned).  I should relish this day.  Instead, I'm beginning to see it as an inconvenience.

Since I'm desperately trying to avoid another setback, I know this feeling of complacency can not continue.  So I've decided to flip the script on the entire operation and change the way I look at (and do) my weekly wash routine.

I'll start by calling it a weekly ritual because the word routine has such a negative connotation to it.


A sequence of actions regularly followed; a fixed program: "I settled down into a routine".

I don't want to "settle down" into a routine! I want each wash day to get better and better.  I want to crave wash day.  I want to relish in it!  My weekly ritual is what supports healthy hair.  So I have to do whatever to make it an amazing experience.

So here's what I did:

// Lit up my favorite Voluspa candle(s).  Stumbled on these on my recent trip to California. With every inhalation, my spirit smiles.  My stress levels subside and I immediately feel pampered.

// Fixed me a cup of  (silica filled) bamboo tea.  There's no better time to indulge in a warm cup of delicious tea then while allowing my conditioner to do it's thang.  My hair is receiving an external treatment, my body is being fed internally.

// I dusted off my hair journal.  Confession to make: I haven't used a hair journal in a quite a long time.  When I did, my journey was somehow different. It felt like I was connected to a bigger goal instead of just taking a series separate of weekly actions.  I look forward to enjoying increased progress with the help of my handy journal.

//Time to hook the nails up.  I'm so bad at keeping up with nail polish changes.  Now, I've decided to pair a mini-manure each week with my wash ritual.

//Life gets so busy that I rarely have time to catch up on magazine subscriptions.  My ritual provides the perfect moment to indulge in the fantasy world of high fashion, beauty and style.

This is the beginning. My weekly wash ritual will continue to evolve into a special moment each week when my senses come alive and my hair is nourished. Most of all, I want to be fully present throughout the experience instead of blindly going through the same routine.  As my wash day ritual evolves, I anticipate my results to improve as well.

Can't wait. 


  1. This is a great post. I'm feeling the same way. I need to bring the sexy back to wash day as well! LOL

  2. I try to do like this:

    massage coconuoil and oliveoil in my hair before bedtime on a Friday. Sleep with it in. Saturday morning I got to the gym, train for one hour, then wash the hair, put deep conditioner into it, go into the sauna for around 15 minute, wash the hair, put in argan oil and comb through and then let it air dry on my way home. It all takes less than 1 and a half hour, exercise included. And my hair and body is fresh and clean for the weekend!

  3. @Anon- I love that idea! Sounds amazing, thanks for sharing.

  4. Totally random Nadege but check out 'Oil Pulling'. I'm late to the party on it but still spreading the word:)

  5. Hi lovin your blog! Are you on twitter? NADEGE

  6. Awesome post! There is something about re-reading my old hair journey journal that reminds me as long as we are learning from yesterday to make today better, then there is progress.

  7. I absolutely love posts like these Nadege, you need to do more :) Will be trying Anon's tips cause my hair is currently dry city no matter how many times i clarify-deep condition - moisturise it. I just want to chop it off already and give up

    xo Stephanie

  8. This is such a good idea. I am starting to tire of wash day at the moment!


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