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I finally did it.  After years (and I mean years) of desiring to create the skin of my dreams, I finally took the chance and went for a skin peel done at Lady Dee's spa.
This post will serve as a diary of events from the day of my initial experience until now.  I must preface this post by saying that I could have done this months ago but somehow I let my fear and complacency take control of my decision making.  Fear caused me to think of the worst possible outcome that could happen instead of allowing me to image how wonderful my skin could look afterwards.  Because I seen some improvement in my skin, after following her regimen and drinking lots of water, I fell complacent and didn't push myself to achieve levels that I never before experienced.  I take this as lesson to never allow fear and complacency to dictate my decisions going forward.

On to the experience.....

Day 1: "Yeah you have that glow."
After sliding my credit card through the parking meter, I knew there would be no chickening out like last time.  I looked up at the sky, which was mostly cloudy, and thought to myself, "this is a perfect day for a skin peel."  Sitting in the waiting area only caused my anxiety to grow. Thoughts ran through my mind of my skin being severely burned or some other terrible outcome that I hadn't yet imagined.  The receptionist took me to the back and asked me to lay on the spa bed, leaving my shoulders exposed.

Lady Dee walks in, peeks at my face and instantly recognizes me.  "Long time no see!" she exclaimed. Then she pays me several compliments on my hair saying how much she loved it.    We chit chat for a moment before she starts asking me a series of questions.  "Are you drinking your water?" she asks. I feel confident responding knowing that I've really been focusing on that area.  Lady Dee takes a closer look at my skin and advises me to be careful with my cell phone around the cheek area after noticing two small breakouts.  Before turning on the facial steamer, she looks at me and asks....."are you ready for that glow?

The experience itself wasn't as bad as I imaged.  She applied the peel/mask allowed it to dry, then added another layer.  This process went on for about 7 or 8 times (paying special attention to my cheek area where most of the discolorations lived.  During that time, she regaled me of stories of having worked with celebrities such as the Williams sisters, Stevie Wonder, and even Elizabeth Taylor.  What I love the most about this woman is how special she makes me feel even though her blessed hands have graced some of the most beautiful women in the world.  You could image how humbled I was to know that she's taken care of Halle Berry's flawless face.  According to Lady Dee, she treats my face as if it were her face and the night before she prayed over myself and the list of her other clients who were to visit her for the day.  That made me feel so good.

Later that evening, I stopped by a natural health food store and struck up conversation with one of the owners.  After sharing with her that I just left a skin care service she stated, "yeah you have that glow."

Day 2: Shine bright like a diamond
The first 24 hours after the skin peel was a bit awkward.  My face was tight all over and had an obvious shine to it.  All of the sudden my skin was producing oil like it was nobody's business.  I was instructed to leave my face alone so I pretty much dealt with it. From time to time I would blot my skin to remove the excess oil.  Years ago, I used to have oily skin. Then as time passed my skin became dryer and dryer.  A theory I have is that I had so many layers of dead skin that the oil is trapped below the surface.  I say this because any time I have a skin service done that is really exfoliating, I suddenly begin creating oil again. 

Day 3:  I want it off my face.
Three days into the peel and the oil producing has stopped.  I'm left with a feeling of tightness all over and I look like I'm wearing one of those cucumber peel off masks. My skin starts to itch under the mask and I can't (and don't want) to scratch it for fear that it might peel.  Day three also marks the beginning of my peeling which begins to emerge near my chin.

Day 4:  Looking like a wrinkly old woman
The peel has my "skin" dry and tight all over.  As the peel continues to loosen, my face becomes several shades darker and the peel gives me a "wrinkly & leathered" appearance.  The peeling becomes more noticeable. I instruct my husband to avoid looking at me directly during this ugly phase.  I can barely look at myself.

Day 5: The Day of Reckoning
Finally, the day arrives when I can remove the peel.  The removal process was painless due to the discipline I exercised in applying the recommended product on a regular basis.  The peels comes off in small pieces rather than in one single motion.  I'm anxious to see the end result.  After removing one small section where one of my largest blemishes [once] was, I realize that my skin would never be the same.

I take off a majority of the peel and immediately I realize that I'm step closer to absolutely flawless skin.  The most obvious difference was how smooth my skin had become.  The acne scars that plagued me for so long were a faint memory (they weren't totally gone but the were much less obvious than before).  Call me crazy, but even signs of fine lines had disappeared.  My skin was now bright, smooth, and much more even toned.  Everything I've ever wanted.

 (no makeup pic taken immediately after removing peel)

(with makeup pic of both sides of my face taken 1 day after peel was removed)
How did I get here?  It began with an intention. Even when my skin was at it's worst, I would say to myself "I love my healthy, glowing, skin.  When I saw images of women with the skin I wanted, I looked longingly at the image, attracting it into my reality.  One thing led to another and I learned of a place where the stars go to achieve beautiful skin.  Instead of dismissing the idea as unreachable, I took baby steps that moved me closer to what I wanted.  Even though my first experience didn't blow me away, I continued to move forward, knowing what I wanted.  Finally, I overcame my fears and took the step that got me to where I am today.

The service was $250.00 for the facial peel and an additional $60.00 (don't quote me) for the neck.  Dee shared that some celebrities come once a quarter for the peels but I don't think she'll be seeing me that often.  Now that my skin has been refreshed, I will continue to maintain her regimen and use products that further promote even toned skin (like Kojic Acid Soap).  Sunscreen is a non-negotiable and you best believe that I'll keep drinking my water.


  1. I've also been on the fence about a skin I cant wait! I had clear skin for 10 years, but hormonal changes have caused me to deal with cystic acne for most of the last two years. The skin purging and the scars are devastating but I've been working with a dermatologist and should be ready for the peel in three months. Did you have any light breakouts after the peel at all? I've heard that happens sometimes. I'm trying to increase my water intake beforehand...thanks for posting pictures! Your skin looks great!

  2. Shika, right after the peel I noticed small bumps that I thought were going to turn into breakouts but didn't. My skin has remained clear so far (thank God). I would recommend a peel to anyone who asked me so I say go for it.

    Keep working on your skin before hand so there's less likelihood of you reversing the hard work of the peel. I'm terrified of getting another large breakout again and will do whatever it takes to keep my skin as clear as possible.

  3. Congrats on putting fear aside to accomplish your goals! Since I started your "Drink Your Water Challenge" I think that I've inhaled enough water to fill up a small creek! But I've only had one blemish!

  4. I recommend African black soap much cheaper a little goes a long way and does essentially the same thing as skin peels.

  5. Wowo I am battling acne as well it bothers me so much that I have set aside a spot on my blog for it affectionately calling it the Acne Journey. I am seeing results but a skin peel on a college budget? Probably not but you make me want to get one though.

  6. I understand Daintyffany. Remeber that a skin peel is just hyper-exfoliation so even if you can't do a peel right now, I would still recommend you exfoliate regularly to promote healthy skin.

  7. Wow, I do see the difference! Your skin looks smooth and has a glow! kudos. "Facing your fear looks good on you!

    1. I agree 100% !
      Original black soap is so good for your skin.


  8. love the necklace...own one like that...

  9. I like that you said that you began with an intention. :) It is right in the first place. I'm glad you were satisfied with the results of this new venture. Yeah, take it as an investment that you don't leave after the primary surge of success. A gap of 4-6 weeks is good before you do this again to keep the glow. :)


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