Fitness Inspiration: Getting Ready for Summer

We are less than 20 days away from the start of Spring. Warm weather is on it's way which means that we can no longer hide under layers of clothing.  I will be the first to admit that my workout schedule took a hit due to my travel schedule mixed with a little bit of laziness.  But I'm here to say that I've gotten myself back on track so I will be fully ready for summer.  As always, I like to use a little bit of inspiration to keep myself motivated.  So for the next half of the year, I'll share some workout pics to keep us inspired to work our bodies.

Miss Dolly Castro (@dollycastro) never fails to inspire with her constant updates the work she puts in to crafting her perfectly toned body.   Working out isn't something we do for a season. Ideally, it's a lifetime habit.  I'm reminded of this every time I check out the social updates of my fitness inspirations.

Nic  (@nikkinac) has been a source fitness inspiration for a while now.   Rarely do we see her in anything other than workout gear.  Working out is a part of her daily life.  Recently, Nic started offering group workout classes.  I wish I was close enough to partake in the festivities but, for now, I'll just use her drive (and her abs) as my motivator.

What list of fitness inspirations would be complete without including Pillar Sanders (@pilarsanders)?  Her petite muscular tone defies her age.  I love how she's adding weights to this step exercise to add a bit of resistance while burning extra calories.  Will definitely try this at my next gym visit. 
There's nothing like that feeling of seeing your hard work paying off.  I've been there before and I long to be there again.  All of the sudden, the mirror changes from being a hated enemy to your becoming closest friend.  

(instragram: @natashaellie)

Miss Porsha Stewart (@porshadstewart) is the newest part of the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast.  On her Instagram feed Porsha revealed to her followers that she leverages the power of the squat to create her curves.  Porsha likes to do 4 sets of 50 squats before entering the shower 4-5 days a week.  One can tell that Porsha has probably been petite for most (or all) of her life.  She probably doesn't need to work out.  But she does.  Exercising isn't all about losing weight but staying fit and toned.  A new level of confidence comes once one's body tones up.  There's nothing like it.

Stay inspired ladies.


  1. Looking at this post makes me wonder if I will ever stop being too lazy to work out. Someday i will be able to do it. lol

  2. So glad you posted this. I bookmarked the last fitness inspiration post. It really inspired me. I taped it to my bathroom mirror along with a motivational quote. A recent move has changed my workout routine. I can't do a lot of cardio because I am above someone and this New England chill is too cold to go walking/ jogging or so I think. About to get my workout on, I guess I need to be creative.

  3. Although all of them are inspirational, Pilar is def my fav. She's a beaast! I love when you do these. Helps remind me of what I need to do!

  4. This is definitely inspiration! I am day three into my health/fitness routine. Went to the dermaologist last week and she set me straight on aging, so now I am feeling determined to get my body/skin in shape and STAY that way!!

  5. I always stray away from this site, not on purpose, just laziness but always come back because there is such a wealth of knowledge, information and inspiration on this blog!

    Thank you Nadege, for keeping up the posts and the posts you do. Even the water challenge has educated me! Instead of 4 bottles a day, a time deadline is helping me get this water down :)

    Natalie (a now faithful reader)

  6. Welcome back Natalie, we've missed you.

  7. Thank you Nadege! Not to be a pest, but could you share the instagram profiles of these ladies? I too use Insta as a form of fitness inspiration! lyzabethlopez is another great one in my opinion, a personal trainer too and she's starting to do weekly Q&A's answering people's questions. Her physique is amazing.


  8. Added. Thanks for the suggestion Natalie.

  9. The laziest moment to workout is when you start exercising. Then, your body needs to keep fit and healthy!


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