CURRENTLY CRAVING: The Riiviva Personal Microderm

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I feel one of those "craving" itches coming on again.  This tends to happen whenever I stumble upon something that has one or more of the following qualities:
  • It's absolutely fabulous
  • It incorporates technology/innovation
  • It promises to solve one or more of my needs.
  • It's perfect. 
This new yummy gadget, to me, encompasses everything on the list above and more. Ladies, let me introduce you to the Riiviva Personal Microderm system.

This wonderful piece of machinery is currently on my craving list. Yes. I already have the Personal Microderm (PMD).  Why would I want another one?  First, I love the look and design of this tool.  Secondly, the Riiviva has an actual diamond tip versus the "sand paper" like tip of the PMD.  As you may know, when microderm abrasion is done by the professionals, they use machines with diamond tip to exfoliate the top layer of the skin.  So, theoretically, the Riiviva machine should perform more like a professional service than my PMD.

I also like the fact that the Riiviva system is cordless which makes it really easy to use and travel with. I saw a few before and after pics and I like what I saw. I think this perfect little gadget would do wonders for my acne scars.  Lately, I've received several compliments on how much "better" my skin looks.  While I'm very grateful to have made improvements so that others notice, I still realize that the comments are from those who've seen my skin at it's worst.  I long for the day when some random stranger, who doesn't know my skin's past, can make a comment on the appearance of my skin.....simply because.

I want this thing so badly.....I want it! I want it! I want it!

Riiviva Microdermabrasion Device - Testimonial from BeautySage on Vimeo.


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