I bought Coconut Vinegar! Here's how I will use it.

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As I was casually strolling through the aisles of my local vegan health food store, my eyes happened to look up at exactly the right moment to land upon this:

Immediately knew what it was because I just happened to write a post on coconut vinegar earlier this year.  Only difference was that my first attempt was a makeshift version. This time, I got my hands on the real thing.  Since this is a new product to me, I'm still in the learning phase.  So far, what I've gathered is how nutritious coconut vinegar is.  Not only does it contain 17 amino acids, minerals, vitamin C and B vitamins, it also has prebiotics (aka food for your digestive flora). All these nutrients are possible because the source of the vinegar is derived from the sap of the tree grown in volcanic soil.  It's said that the coconut trees go through their growth spurt in part due to the minerals collect from sea water along with the rich soil. The roots of the tree have access to this water which it delivers to the coconut blossom via it's sap. The nutritious sap is collected, fermented and used to make this amazing product.

Another piece of info I gathered from my research is that coconut vinegar isn't as acidic as ACV (apple cider vinegar). In fact, it has a nearly neutral pH.  This makes it much milder in taste and intensity to ACV.  So now that I have my hands on the "Coconut Secret," here's what I'm going to do with it.

I'm going to drink it! While I was checking out at the health food store, one of the employees mentioned how he drinks this in the morning instead of ACV. It has a much milder taste and doesn't sting like it's counterpart.  I used to muster up the courage to take a shot of ACV in the mornings but then I couldn't take it anymore and just gave up.  My husband still does it and I cringe any time I witness it.  Not only is it milder but coconut vinegar is much more nutritious than ACV.  Then I saw this video where a guy shared that he replaced him lemon water and ACV with coconut vinegar in the morning.  I'm gonna give it a shot!

I'm going to use it on my skin! Everyday I use some apple cider vinegar on a cotton ball and apply to my skin.  This is because I've battled dermatitis for over a decade and, I promise you, ACV is the ONLY thing that worked on the peeling I experience on my face.  Perhaps the ultra low pH has something to do with it.  I'd like to experiment with coconut vinegar because I'm attracted to the nutritional content.  I'm curious to see if my skin will benefit differently if it came in contact to a nutritionally rich vinegar day after day.  On the other hand, I still need the same potency I get from ACV.  Who know's, maybe the best solution is to mix the two.

I'm going to use it on my hair!  We should all know by now how beneficial apple cider vinegar is to our hair.  The low pH helps seal cuticles and promote a healthy scalp.  I read a few accounts online where ladies substituted coconut vinegar for their usual ACV and liked the results.  They claim that this is milder but still benefited the hair.  Sometimes when I use ACV, I feel like it's a bit much for my hair.  Having an alternative available really makes me happy. 

I just bought my bottle yesterday so I haven't had a chance to use it on my hair yet. But I did get a chance to taste it both raw and diluted with water.  First off, this smells and tastes nothing like coconut.  The taste is very similar to ACV but not as potent.  Doesn't burn as much when it goes down the throat.  Then I put a little bit of it on a cotton pad and wiped it all over my face.  The experience was very similar to when I use ACV.  In fact, it reminded me of when I first used apple cider vinegar as a toner.  My eyes were a little sensitive to the scent and I experienced a little tingling.  I think my skin got used to ACV because I rarely experience tingling anymore.  I hope to see additional benefits from the nutritional content of this vinegar both internally and externally.  Oh, and I can't wait to use it on my hair.


  1. Good luck Nadege! I hope that it works for you!

    KLP @ SavingOurStrands

  2. I've learned 2 new things from you toay! Had absolutely no idea that such a thing existed! Will have to look for it. I take my ACV with a small teaspoon of raw honey and warm water:)
    I also thought you wrote prebiotics as a typo for probiotics, till I googled it. Who knew? You did! Thanks for always educating:)

  3. That is really an interesting product. Curious to see how it will be different from the ACV.

    Abbi of http://belowthawaist.blogspot.jp/

  4. will try this because i have also been battling with adult acne an nothing seems to clear it up.

  5. You should make a new regime page, because your always adding new things, I hope it works out for you

  6. I bought the coconut vinegar from my local oriental shop, it is amazing and it doesn't tangle the hair as much as the apple cider, I will continue using this coconut vinegar instead of the apple cider thanks Nadege :)

  7. If you eventually get tired of the shots in the am I have a really great smoothie recipe I make every morning... About a half cup each of mango, blueberries, and strawberries, yogurt, welche "mango twist" juice or mango green tea(you can use any kind of juice really play around and see what tastes best), 2 table spoons chia seeds and a teaspoon of coconut vinegar. You can't taste it at all and its a great breakfast that wakes you up!

  8. Literally have never heard of this, I'm going to google this and find here in the UK i can grab my hands on some!


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