Inphenom Mist: I think I found my new favorite leave-in

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With all the commotion lately about my Kanechom conditioners, I forgotten about some Inphenom product purchases I also made around the same time.  Just before I stumbled upon Kanechom, I purchased a deep conditioning treatment and a leave-in mist from Inphenom.  Still haven't used the deep conditioner yet because I keep reaching for Kanechom each wash day.  But, finally, I remembered the mist after conveniently running out of my Biolage Daily Leave in Tonic.

Since I roller set on wash days, it's important for me to have a leave-in on hand at all times.  My go to leave in for years was the Biolage brand for its moisturizing qualities.  After my hair analysis consultation, I was encouraged to seek out a strengthening leave-in to help treat some of the mild lifting of my cuticle layer.  I didn't want to automatically default to a product with proteins since I'm doing regular protein treatments now.  The last thing I want is to overload my hair with protein.

Then I stumbled upon the Inphenom mist and was immediately sold.  Take a look at the product description and you'll know why:

"Inphenom Mist re-supplies the CMC to the hair while blow styling every day.  Nano-Micro CMC penetrates into the lipid layers and the CMC Amino mix (made of 11 kinds of Amino Acids) penetrates into the moisture layer to hydrate the hair."  

In case you are wondering what the CMC is, let me remind you.  CMC stands for the Cell Membrane Complex.  This is the layer where our ceramides reside. When we relax, color our hair, etc, we impact the integrity of the CMC and our cuticle layer.  This amazing mist claims to have the ability to positively improve the actual structure of our hair.  Even if the claims of "amino acid penetration to the CMC layer" isn't completely true, I'm still super impressed by the fact that they even talk like that!  To me, this speaks to a company who really has a desire to create truly healthy hair.....and I admire that (wipes tear from right eye).

The product description is what made me purchase but what makes me love the Inphenom mist is its packaging.  Not because it's all sleek & fancy looking. More importantly, this bottle has the ability to product the finest mist I've ever experienced.  I dunno why, but I have this thing for ultra fine mist.

Makes me feel like, with every spray, thousands of hair strands are being impacted.  Even when I've used up all the contents, I will save this bottle for future use.  I have lots of ideas. For one, I'm going use it to mist my hair with water whenever I perform the LOC method. My only qualm is that I wish the bottle came in a larger size but, now that I think about it, because of the coverage I get with each mist, this bottle will last me longer than I anticipate.  I can also alternate with Biolage on days when I do protein treatments and Inphemon on the other wash days.

So far, I've only experienced this once.  My roller set came out straighter than usual and my hair feels reinforced.  What I also love about this product is that it can be used to support the hair in the case of heat usage.  Since I had such a great experience with this mist, perhaps I can try the deep conditioner I purchased but never bothered opening.  I'm hoping that I'll be just as pleasantly surprised with the conditioner as I am with the mist.


  1. Wow! When I read the product description I immediately thought about your post on air-drying vs blow drying. I wonder how this product would work for air-drying. I can't wait to read your assessment on this one. I'm tempted to give it a try myself.

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  2. Hi I always read your blog and was wondering when will you start taking pictures of your hair? Its been years since I've seen a hair update. Thanks

  3. Could you post an ingredients list?


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