My quest for dewy skin all year long

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Even though we are only a few days into fall, I'm thinking ahead to the cooler months.  More importantly, I'm thinking about how to avoid the "downfalls" of  the cooler seasons.

We already talked about a strategy to manage seasonal shedding.  Next on my list is something really big for me.  Every winter, I seem to battle with dryness and, for the most part, I fail miserably.  This year, I'm planning ahead. The goal is to maintain healthy, dewy skin all year long.

And when I say dewy, what I mean is healthy, hydrated and glowing naturally. Yes, you can create some of that effect via makeup but what is even more special is if one can start with a blank slate that is darn near flawless.   So let's talk about how we get that....

Prior to the "Drink your Water Challenge,"  I always seemed to reduce my water intake as soon as the temperature dropped.  It got so bad at times that the skin on my hands would start peeling.  Then I'd react by drinking more water, then suddenly, the peeling would go away.  Now that I know better, my single focus this fall and winter is how to continue fighting the good fight by keeping my water intake at an acceptable level.  I was watching a video segment from a TV show where the dermatologist expert was showcasing a beauty product line claiming to hydrate the skin from the inside out.  I was like "you know what hydrates the skin inside out?........Water."  So if you don't plan to drink at least 1 liter of water a day or more, forget about looking hydrated and fresh this fall/winter.

For some reason, every winter my body seems to crave omega 3 oils.  I'm guessing it's because my scalp & skin feels so dry that it's sending out signals for internal lubrication.  As we discussed in length in this post, fish oil contains vitamin D which we tend to get less of due to the limited sun exposure.  Oh, don't let me forget that natural fish oil also contains vitamin A which is amazing for healthy skin.  Of course this all means that I will be very regimented in my consumption of fermented cod liver oil this fall.  This stuff is superb because it's all natural and readily absorbed by the body.  Years ago, I had a major issue with dry feet all winter.  Even when I applied lotions & creams, dry feet still plagued me.  Then I started taking liquid fish oil daily and, guess what? My dry feet issues were no longer ruining my life.  I want to keep my nails strong, my skin dewy fermented cod liver oil will be a daily must for me this season.

When the weather cools we sweat less.  Over time this creates a stagnancy with our skin as toxins are not released on a regular basis. We've got to help this process along by sloughing of dead skin cells on a regular basis.  Think about it. Most of our grooming during cold weather consists of slathering thick butters over dry skin.  If we keep doing this day after day, of course our skin will feel dull over time.  Dewy skin reflects light and light reflection can only occur with fresh, healthy skin.  So this fall and winter I will make good use of my Clarisonic, my body scrubs, and other exfoliators.

I think if I'm able to take these actions consistently (especially regarding my water drinking) I will have a completely different experience than in previous winters.  Right now I'm on a good path with my skin journey and I'd like to keep it that way.


  1. I have dry skin too Nadege, and I love the dewy look. Like you, I try to drink lots of water (drinking a bottle at this very moment) and exfoliate regularly. I also incorporate natural oils in my skincare regimen to give my skin a glow. Timely post.

    Abbi of

  2. I used to read What Women Want blog by Shannae Ingleton and I have to say her tip of buying Vitamin E capsules and then popping them open to mix with your night-time moisturiser worked! Not only was the oil rich, but you really felt and saw the effects the next morning.

    I would have kept this habit up if it wasn't for being a student and not being able to buy Vitamin E all the time.. :)

  3. Water is all time helpful drink for everyone mostly for skin problems drink enough water in a day.

  4. I use Cibu Beauty sea Buckthorn hydrating serum. Excellent product! I apply it to a cleaned face before I put on my moisturizer and sunscreen.Where I live ( Detroit, MI ), the cost is 32 bucks a bottle, but a little goes a long way. Of course, drinking copious amounts of water helps. :-)


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