The 100 Dresses Project

As a child, one of my favorite books of all time was "The Hundred Dresses."  It's about a poor girl who was made fun of because she wore the same dress to school everyday.  The young girl, however, claimed that she owned 100 dresses, all of them beautiful and unique.

I remember checking out that book over and over again fantasizing about one day having a closet of 100 dresses.  Fast forward many years later and I have a closet full of jeans and pants.  The few dresses I do own are shoved in the back of my closet, saved for rare and special occasions.

I've decided to bring back the art of wearing dresses again as a part of my regular routine.  I'm not saying that I'm never wearing pants again but I long to one day build my own collection of 100 dresses.  Here, I'm wearing a dress from Forever 21.  I was drawn to it because it was both ugly and pretty at the same time.  The pattern isn't traditionally pleasing to the eye, but that's what attracted me to it. It was tucked away in the corner, far from the trendier pieces on the main sales floor.   I paired it with a statement necklace from H&M and some rustic cuffs.

One thing about wearing dresses is that you no longer have the luxury of blending into the crowd.  Next time you go out to a non-formal event, look around and count the number of women who aren't wearing jeans/pants.  Standing out isn't a bad thing, but it requires a level of confidence and certainty to hold your head high instead of being intimidated by the increased number of stares and acknowledgments.  It helps us build the habit of not being swayed by what others think of us.  Feels good.

Look out for more posts as I build my dress collection.


  1. It's funny your description of the dress, it makes sense though. I saw the picture and thought instantly "I LOVE, LOVE , LOVE her dress!!!" the pattern, the style, everything.

    Great minds think alike? ;)

  2. There's nothing ugly about this dress. I love it!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

  3. I love this post. I myself for the most part wear only skirts and dresses. It is my way of standing apart from the rest and showing the feminine side I was born with.
    BTW I love the print on that dress. There is nothing ugly about it.

  4. I'm with you! I love wearing dresses, but not in the winter. It's just too cold for me. When I used to go out, I'd always wear a dress or a skirt and this guy told me once that he liked that because most of the times, girls wear dresses.
    And I feel you on the dress. Sometimes I buy things because they're ugly but cute to me.

  5. I am so joining you on this project! I have been telling myself for weeks (we're entering summer this side of the world, it's already an ungodly kind of hot during the day!!) that I need more dresses in my life. And I would have LOVED to find the dress you're wearing in that pic! It's gorgeous!

  6. The fact that dont blend in is exactly why i wear dresses

  7. That is a very cute dress! And you are right about enjoying your fashion. When I go out these days, I always try to wear some of the great pieces I've accumulated over the years, even if I'm just going to get coffee and run errands.:-) My leopard fedora always get compliments and catches eyes.

  8. Love this Nadege! I definitely have to check that book out for my daughter. I have a serious obsession with dresses, when done right they're compliment a woman's form like none other. Sadly, I only own 3 dresses and have yet to were any of them.

    I'm joining in with you on this 100 Dress idea.

    And you look exquisite..

  9. Long time reader, first time commenter. :)

    This summer, and even into this fall (it's Texas, and even now, the days are still in the low eighties, and it's pretty warm/nice outside), I have worn dresses almost every single day.

    Let me tell you, I just feel more feminine and prettier when I wear dresses. I'm glad when I can find a pair of jeans that fit, but that is rare (small waist, wide hips), so I just kind of gave up a started wearing dresses out necessity. Since, I have found jeans that fit better, but dresses are easy, comfy, and a simple way to look pretty. Even among my friends and my students (I'm a teacher), I'm known as the one who always wears dresses.

    Dresses (and skirts--I like them belted and high waisted) complement a woman's form the best. You can't get better than a good dress. You will definitely stand out. :)

  10. I LOVE wearing dresses! If I lived in a warmer climate, I would most certainly wear them every day.

    Anyway, I also love how you used the term "ugly pretty." I don't know if that dress necessarily fits that description; the print is boss! However, "ugly pretty" is how I love to describe my own style when I want to be adventurous. I love wearing weird-colored tights, big boots and prints.


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