Currently Craving | MAC Nymphette Gloss.

Something about warmer weather makes the desire to sport an all over glow mandatory.   If light isn't easily reflected from your legs, arms and cheek bones, you aren't fully taking part in the summer tradition.  Now, I'm giving you even more pressure by mandating that shimmery lips are also a must.  The other day I stumbled upon this photo on Pinterest and was stopped dead in my tracks.  It was like rays of sunshine were being reflected off her lips.  

How could I go another day without having this lip color in my collection?  Days later I visited the closest MAC store to pick up Brown Script eye shadow and the Mineral Skin Finish.  While there I requested to test the Nympette lip gloss

The girl helping made direct eye contact and longingly proclaimed. "I loooove that color."  She quickly handed me the small tube of gloss and made her way to the back in search of the right shade of Skin Finish.  In preparation for their store remodel, they temporarily occupied a smaller location at the far end of the mall.  Unlike their previous store, they didn't have the bright lights and endless mirrors for me to properly assess the loveliness of the gloss.  Never mind the fact that this temporary location had black walls which didn't allow for any of the amazing light reflection I anticipated.  By the time she returned, I was heart broken and had to inform her that I'd be passing on the lip glass  

After settling in my car I took a quick glance in the mirror to see how the Mineralized Skin Finish looked in natural light.  But immediately, my eyes were drawn to the soft goldish reflection on my lips.  "Hmmm,"  I thought, I really like this.  I flipped the mirror back up and continued my journey home.  At every stoplight I took the opportunity to glance at my subtle glowing lips.  The more I looked, the more I fell in love.  This why I must make MAC Nymphette mine


  1. I hate it when that happens, when you decided in the store that the product isnt for you but soon change your mind! That Pinterest pic makes that gloss look pretty amazing!

  2. Wow! That colour is amazing... I will be going to Mac on my day off on Friday to purchase my very own Mac Nymphette Gloss... Thanks for the heads up... x

  3. I have Nymphette. It's one of the first lipglasses I bought from MAC. I tend to forget about it, but I think it's a requirement for brown girls.

  4. Thanks for your stamp of approval Amija!

  5. I bought that Mineralize Skin Finish and am really happy with it. Very light and natural looking on my I have to go back and get that Nymphette gloss.

  6. So it just so happens that I went to the MAC store yesterday because like you I wanted my lips to look poppin like that picture. The guy at the mac store actually said that I could achieve that look by putting a coral lipstick under the gloss. I actually ended up getting a different gloss instead of nymphette. I'll post a haul on my blog and tag you when I do.


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