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In all of my years of blogging this is the first post that ever came to me as a result of a dream.  The idea came to me as I was transitioning from dreamworld to reality.  It relates to a current hair concern that I'm dealing with.  The issue I'm referring to is the "V."  It's when you are experiencing length but instead of it being full thick, like a blunt cut or in the shape of a "U," your hair is in the the "V" shape giving your hair the look of a point.  I know that sometimes hair naturally grows that way.  But I think in my case, some of it has to do with damage in certain areas keeping it from growing in more fully.

Right now, my hair is pretty healthy.  Shedding is not an issue.  Breakage has slowed down immensely.  I can manipulate lightly on a daily basis and not experience a hardly any broken hairs.  Life is good.  The only thing I wish to create is the look of thickness all the way through from root to tip.  It seems like my hair journey has been plagued with the issue of some areas appearing healthy, while others suffering from damage.  Health doesn't seem to be as evenly distributed as it should be.  I take 100% responsibility for this.  Perhaps the thinner ends are a result of the time when I neglected my hair while wearing daily buns.  I also reflect back on life prior to my Misto Sprayer when I didn't do my due diligence  in parting hair section by section when applying oil and moisture.  Before I made the decision to return to dry deep conditioning, I can't say for sure if I was as consistent with parting my hair in tiny sections as I should have been.  I'm sure all of these factors made an impact on how my hair looks today.
Misto Sprayer | CapriClear Coconut Oil | Gleau Argan Oil Blend | Keratindose Travel Size

Since I'm not having to "play defense" with regards to any pressing hair issues, I get to shift my strategy so I can play to win!  I see only one way to help me break free from this dreaded curse of the "V" or "W" shaped ends.  And that one way is consistency & fairness.  Here's what I mean by fairness.  I tend to favor some parts of my hair over others.  When I moisturize, I focus on the hair that  I see, meanwhile, there are tens of thousands of strands that go without.  When I deep condition, I always start in the same section.  Perhaps that section gets more love than the last section just before I finish.  When I moisturize, I do it so my hair looks/feels better.  I can't say for sure that my goal is to moisturize as many hair strands as possible.  Then there are the sections that are almost being neglected because they aren't as visible (the back of my hair and my nape).  I haven't been treating all of my strands equally.

I know it's my fault because when I experienced a mini-chop last year, my hair was even and given a fresh start.  Perhaps the "V" shape may have something to do with the lead hair theory, but I know my actions could have been better.  So here is what  I commit to do differently with the hopes of creating full thick hair all throughout.

  • By far, the most effective process for me to treat a damaged area is when I consistently practice what I call the "Strand Ceremony."  Now that I'm dry deep conditioning again. This will give me greater access to my individual strands.  Consistent practice of the Strand Ceremony never fails me.  It just takes a lot of time so  I need to make sure I plan ahead so I never skin this step.
  • The strand Ceremony is a weekly practice.  I also need something that supports my hair on a daily basis.  My Misto Sprayer is a game changer when it comes to accessing all of my hair.  One mist and an entire section is covered.  When I use the Misto, I naturally want to separate hair into sections to make sure everyone gets their fair share.  This is why I went out and bought a second bottle.
  • I am also committed to moisturizing and sealing more frequently like I did during my 7 day challenge.  From that exercise I learned that my hair behaved differently when it was moisturized at least twice a day versus my old method.  One new twist I'm adding is to switch up how I moisturize so I'm not creating a pattern.  I want to practice parting my hair differently each time so I cover more ground throughout the week.  
I know this may seem extreme but I think I need this level of focus otherwise I'll constantly be dealing with issues.  Do you have any other suggestions for me?  Please share in the comments. 


  1. I think v shape can be nice as long as the tip isn't too long. Some people have like a slim tip that is way longer that the rest of the hair.

    For my self I prefer blunt ends even if it requires frequent trimmings.

  2. Usually the V-tip happens with excessive ponytail/bunning. Though it's called protective styling it's really only protecting the inner hair and breaks off the edges and ends that are being twisted and folded.

  3. HI Anon, This makes complete sense. I bunned for the longest time thinking that it was helping. The long term affects were a total shock to me. Part of it was my fault because I wasn't as gentle as I could have been.


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