KhairPep Review (Part 2)

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Just last week, I finally shared my initial experience with KhairPep. A line that contains peptides that allegedly bring hair back to a much healthier state.  I mentioned, from my first experience, that I received some tangling.  But even with that as an obstacle, I still thought it was a decent product overall.

Then, in the comments, something was brought to my attention that I didn't realize.  The person inquired about why I washed the product out when the directions state otherwise. Once I read that comment I reached for my jar and read the back label.  Wouldn't you know it, I used the product like a conditioner instead of like a leave-in as intended.  Immediately I knew that I'd have to do a follow up review as soon as I tried KhairPep again the way it was intended.

I did my usual routine of applying deep conditioner to dry hair. After rinsing, I towel dried t-shirt dried until my hair was 50% dry.  Then I proceeded to lightly detangle.  Once done, I rubbed a little KhairPep between my hands and applied all over (concentrating on the ends).  After letting it sit for a few moments, I rubbed in some Nexxus Promend leave-in cream to help seal split ends (or any cuticle lifting as a result of the ingredients in Khairpep).  Finally,  I applied a few spritz of Biolage Keratindose and placed in a ponytail.

The early consensus is that this second experience was way different from the first.  No massive tangling. None of that.  In fact, overall my ends feel strengthened and I'm getting very little breakage when I manipulate.  When they started to feel a little dry, I just rubbed in a little Aveda daily hair repair and went on my merry little way. Come to think of it, I'm actually glad Khairpep is a leave-in.  There's something to be said about a powerful ingredient being left in the hair to do it's job.  Not to mention that it's going to last me waaaaay longer using a little on damp hair than applying as a regular conditioner.

Once again, I'm thankful to the reader who left a comment guiding me in the right direction.  Because of her, I had a completely different experience with the product.  I couldn't be happier.


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