Leather in the Spring Time


 I'm obsessed, and I mean obsessed, with long sleeved, short dresses.  The problem is that I don't come across them that often.  So when I stumbled upon this amazing faux leather trimmed dressed, I had to grab it.
 It didn't matter that the dress was too big for me at the time.  Right after I got it, I took it straight to the seamstress to have it fitted.
The sleeves were too long for me so I asked her to make 'em shorter.  When I requested that she take off the leather cuffs, she protested saying that the "leather cuffs" added character to the dress. I'm glad I listened.  We both agreed to turn the long sleeve to a 3//4 length so I can wear the dress all year round.
The faux leather detail in the dress has stitching which makes it a bit more interesting. It also perfectly compliments the stitching in my new bag.

I love the cut-out feature in the back of the dress.  It actually, opened all the way to the waist but the seamstress added a little modesty for me.  
Last fall I had an unusual attraction to everything with faux leather detailing.  These Calvin Klein heels were a by-product of that time in my life.  They're probably one of my favorite pair of shoes.  Incredibly comfortable and pretty much can work with any outfit choice.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!


  1. shut up! Killing it! And I'm glad you kept the leather cuffs. ahhh, the boy bag, classic!

  2. Ooh! You're really rocking it. Love the shoes.

  3. yay you wore your hair down!!show off that length girl, and its really thick :) love your pics...very motivating

  4. Killing it! And that dress is gorg!!!

  5. Lovely and your shoes, Lawd they are everything


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