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A random email reminder dropped into my inbox the other day reminding me that my 15% off coupon to Sephora was set to expire in a matter of hours.  If I didn't hurry, I'd foolishly loose this amazing opportunity.  Left with no choice, I carefully made my way to the nearest Sephora store.

When I entered the mall, a still, small voice whispered gently in my ear saying "stop by the Tom Ford counter to test the Deep Mink."  Next thing you know, I'm standing in front of the display testing what would be, the most perfect nude I've ever had the pleasure of wearing.
Here' the thing, my lips are two toned. My top lip is darker than my bottom.  So colors that appear nude on my bottom, look to light for my top lip.  I never thought I'd actually find a color that looks right on both my top and bottom lip. I'm thankful to Tom Ford for solving that issue for me.  The true color is actually a bit darker than it appears in the photograph.  It's the most expensive lipstick I own. But I've spent way more money on all the other (non perfect) nudes I have before I was led to my new holy grail lip color.  I'm throughly pleased.  

My mission, when I got to Sephora, was to snatch up a tube of what I heard several people refer to as the "best concealor in the world."  My perfect match of the Makeup Forever Full Coverage Creme is #18. It's waterproof which is just what I need for this time of year. Nothing worse than sweating off your makeup before you even get to where you're going.  Hopefully now, I won't have this issue anymore.
Since everything was 15% off, I decided to load up on higher priced items that I might normally pass up.  Weeks ago, I tossed my empty tube of Fresh Soy cleanser.  Instead of replacing the tube, I opted for the Soy Face Exfoliant.  After an amazing steam facial, I'll be sloughing off all the loosened skin and dirt to reveal fresh, soft skin.  Summer glow, here I come.  
Speaking of glow, the last item on my shopping list was the Glo Teeth whitening system.  I saw a couple of reviews online and thought it would be cool to try out.  I haven't opened the box yet because I'm waiting for a week where I'm not traveling so I can use it a few days consecutively for full effectiveness. 
Sigh, I'm so addicted to beauty gadgets.

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