The Lust List


It's been quite a while since I've gone shopping.  This little hiatus has afforded me the opportunity to clear my mind and develop a new strategy going forward.  Normally, I go to a store without much forethought about what I'm looking for.  If something great catches my eye, I purchase.  The old method works but, at the same time, my closet is filled with a lot of forgettable items as a result of my random, spontaneous shopping.

I've decided, instead, to reduce the number of shopping excursions and focus on obtaining key pieces that enhance my current inventory.   I'll have to save up a little more for certain things which is good because I won't be engaging in mindless spending.  This is another way of practicing focus and intention. 

+So I've come up with a small collection of items that currently appear on my "Lust List."  I'm officially on the lookout for the perfect white blazer.  Something I can wear casually or on a night out.  Whenever I enter any store, I'll always be on the lookout until that elusive white blazer becomes mine.

+ After spending some time on Youtube the other day, I stumbled upon a review where the girl was raving about Tom Ford's Deep Mink as the perfect nude (for brown girls).  After watching some other reviews on the same lip color, I decided that it should be on my "to see" list next time I'm at the mall.  I already have a decent amount of nude lipsticks.  I suspect that I have so many because I haven't yet found the perfect one.  Let's hope this is it.

+Last year, I finally invested some energy into upgrading my shoe options.  I'm really happy with what I have so far.  But, I'd be even happier if I had a pair of nude pumps in my collection.  The other day, I just happen to stumble upon pictures of the "So Kate" heels by Christian Louboutin.  I don't own a pair of Loubs and I wasn't necessarily craving one but this heel is "reasonably priced" compared to some of his other designs and it's probably the sexiest (and probably least comfortable) shoe I've seen in a while.  It's worth at least trying them on.

+Lastly, I hope to pick up my last designer bag sometime later this year before I officially go into designer bag retirement.  I was really aggressive in building my collection the last couple of years.  Once the Balenciaga City Bag is within my clutches (no pun intended), my thirst will be satisfied and I can move on to something more noble like planting a vegetable garden or something. 

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