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It's time for a follow up to the KhairPep post I wrote a couple of months back.  This product was a rare find thanks to a reader who introduced us.  The company was kind enough to offer samples when I reached out to them to ask questions about the product.

I was beyond excited to expose my hair to this new peptide that claimed to restore the hair to a much healthier state.  The caveat was how the hair follicle required opening in order for deeper penetration of the peptide by the strand. Cool, I thought, let me give it a shot.

Prior to using Khairpep, my hair was doing fine.  No major issues to report.  So I didn't take any precautions to protect the hair.  I was complacent.  Perhaps this was my downfall.  I voilated one of the laws of Avoiding Setbacks, "Be Prepared."  I just thought I could use Khairpep, get all of the wonderful benefits, then go on with my washday routine like normal.  Not quite.

The Khairpep applied like a normal conditioner.  I have no complaints about the product itself.  After rinsing, I added another moisturizing conditioner (while in the shower) and left on a few minutes before rinsing.  My hair felt pretty moisturized.  Then I went on to roller set like normal after applying leave in.  Unfortunately at the time, I did not know the wonders of Biolage Keratin Dose so I didn't have the help I needed to avoid what was to come....

It appears as if I did a faulty job of sealing my cuticle layer again after the treatment.  The results?  My hair was highly tangled.  When wet, my hair is relatively curly, especially in the under processed areas.  Curly hair already has a tendency to tangle. So you imagine what happens when the cuticles rub against each other. It was pretty frustrating.  But what was interesting was that, even though my hair was so tangled, it still was highly elastic which meant limited breakage.  I guess the Khairpep did it's job of increasing elasticity and strength but I only wish I didn't have the tangles to deal with.

I blame myself.  I knew what I was getting into but didn't take the right precautions.  If I could do it all over again I would do the following.
  • After washing out the Khairpep, I would have used ample amounts of Nexxus' Promend. My hope is that Promend would use the same technology that seals split ends to lay my cuticles down. 
  • I would have deep conditioned with a moisturizing conditioner longer. Versus leaving the Khairpep for a long time then using a different conditioner for a shorter time period. 
  • I would have rinsed my hair with ACV or Coconut Vinegar to bring the pH levels back in balance.
  • Then I would have rinsed with cold water to ensure my cuticles are sealed.
  • I would have loaded up on ceramide containing products to help the cuticle layer lay flat.
  • Finally, I'd keep Keratindose nearby in case tangles wanted to show their stupid face. 
Hindsight is 2020.  Although the tangles were bad, I was able to correct and get my cuticle layers back in check within 1-2 washes .  Once my hair was back to normal, I still got to enjoy the increased level of strength and elasticity for weeks on end.  Overall, I think Khairpep is a great product.  I do think my hair benefited from the active ingredient but it takes a little more work to make sure you bring your hair back to it's previous state.  

I'm actually glad I got to experience what I did because it reminded me of the importance of creating a smooth cuticle layer.  So now, even when I don't use the Khairpep, I've reintroduced my hair to the techniques above on wash days  just because it makes sense.

               (note worthy products that contain ceramides, help bring the hair in pH balance, or are just good for your hair :).


  1. hey i was checking out this product on their website and it says to not wash the mask out. Is there a particular reason you decided to wash it out? Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the review, I've been waiting for it. Do you think the results of the KhairPep was worth the expense if you had to purchase the product outright? And knowing that it requires additional products (that may have to be purchased as well) to complete the process, are there better more cost effective products that can give you the same or similar results? Just trying to determine if the results are so stellar that it merits the investment. I'm a bit of a product junkie, but I'm not rich so if I spend that amount on a product I want to know it will be worth the investment. Thanks again.

    1. The product works amazingly...if you use it correctly. This person did not use it as it says to on the website and on the bottle. Wash your hair and rinse, towel dry. THEN apply the KhairPEP and leave it in. Simple. Do not use a conditioner after your shampoo and do not rinse the khairpep out after you put it in.

  3. I bought this product about two months ago and like it. My sister was going through some major breakage, I gave her this product and her breakage stopped. I typically don't go through too many steps for hair washing. I shampoo my hair, rinse, deep condition and use this product as a leave in, once my hair is dry, I use a moisturizer.

    My sister is very picky with hair products, she's a longtime lhcf member, she wouldn't buy this product because there's not a lot of user review, but she is glad I did.

    1. Instructions on the site specifically say the hair has to be freshly washed and towel dried with no other hair products on before applying the khairpep. It has to be left on for 3-4 mins at least before doing anything more to the hair.

  4. Thanks for your feedback Donya. I think it's a good product and can help the hair. Like anon mentioned, I washed it out. Perhaps next time I use it as a leave in and see what difference it makes.

    Mrst T. I think it's a solid product. Perhaps when used as a leave in the hair reacts differently and I won't have to go through all those additional steps. I'll try again and post a follow up review.

    1. Instructions clearly say to leave it in. Doh.

  5. Anonymous, you are right! Do not wash this product out. I too have curly hair, albeit fine, and this product has been a game changer. Use your regular shampoo then apply both the spray, followed by the conditioner and leave them in! I comb my hair after applying the conditioner to detangle. You can apply styling poducts as well (I use root booster). I was doubtful that my fine hair could handle it but the results were wonderful. I'm actually surprised at how good this product is.


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