All Natural Sun Protection from the foods we eat

There are days when I'm on the road for three-four hours at a time. I hate those times because I'm directly exposed to the rays of the sun the entire time.  I do apply sunscreen but I also wondered if there are way I can naturally boost up my natural sun protection levels.  I didn't know that was actually a thing until I searched online. It turns out that there are ways to help reduce our skin's sensitivity to the sun simply by what we consume.
How's your intake of Omega 3 oils lately?  If not, here's another reason to stay consistent.  The oils help prevent our bodies from inflammation and the free radical damage that can be caused by the sun.  I love to get my omega 3 oils from fermented cod liver oil or by enjoying some nutrient rich sardines.

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy lots fresh fruit.  One fruit I'll be consuming plenty of this summer is watermelon.  Watermelon is high in lycopene which has been shown to protect our skin from the harmful effects of  the sun.  There was a study done where people who consumed a high lycopene food (tomato paste) daily for 12 weeks where shown to have 33% higher sun protection than the control group.  I'm not sure if I can eat tomato paste everyday but I'd be happy to enjoy watermelon daily.  Not to mention that watermelon is supper hydrating which can make up for those times when I haven't drank as much water as I should.

Remember my post on Harmonized water?  Well, they also offer a sun protection water that alleges to help protect your skin while you drink your water.  Of all the variations of Harmonized Water on the market, the UV Neutralizer is the only one that I could actually find reviews online.  Although the premise of the product sounds crazy, some of the people who tried it actually said they could go out in the sun, after taking the UV Neutralizer, without experiencing redness or sunburn.  Not sure if it really works or if it's the placebo affect.   It's certainly worth looking into.
If you are still inclined to use a topical sunscreen, consider an organic, natural choice like Coola sunscreen.  I first learned of this product from the most recent Instagram Beaut Secrets post.  Since then, I reader wrote to me sharing how much she loved Coola.  For this reason, Coola is on my cravings list.      

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