The Importance of Penetration in a Healthy Hair Regimen

Healthy Hair
I came across this picture on Pinterest the other day and immediately was mesmerized by the strength and health of her hair.  Then I got to thinking about the importance of internal penetration and healthy hair. Especially for those of us who relax. If we want to make considerable progress in the overall health of our hair, I feel like we must do much more than simply moisturize and seal.  Or should I say, "we must always think about the internal strength or our hair as much as the external."

Until recently,  when I applied a daily moisturizer before sealing, it never crossed my mind if the internal structure was also getting some love.  Especially since breakage really comes from the inside out.  I'm now shifting my thinking to balance products that work on my hair's internal structure as well as the outside.

When I reflect on my hair's internal structure, I think about replenishing it the same way I would on the outside. I'd provide it moisture, oil and strength.  Prior to learning about the L.O.C. method, I'd simply slap on some moisturizer, seal with Gleau and move on my merry way.  After learning about the power of adding a liquid to the routine, things changed.  People with chemically treated hair have high permeability levels when it comes to water due to a loss of 18-MEA.  Perhaps that allows for greater evaporation of moisture as well.  If this is the case, then perhaps we can find some benefit in hydrating the hair with water on a regular basis.  I can not rave enough about my secret weapon when it comes to daily moisture.  Evian Facial Mist is truly a God-send to my regimen. The water particles are small enough to absorb into my hair without over saturating it.  It makes a huge difference in my hair's moisture levels overall.

It's also important to incorporate powerful proteins into my regimen that have the ability to go deep within to make a difference.  One product that comes to mind is Silk Amino Acids which boasts of it's ability to deeply penetrate the hair. I've also talked about functional keratin which has the power to better adhere to the hair because of how it closely resembles our naturally occurring keratin. Let's not forget about ceramides which are the naturally occurring glue that hold's our hair's cuticle layer together.   Which reminds me that I need to stock back up on Biolage Cera Repair which is an amazing leave-in.

Lastly, I find myself digging into my tub of coconut oil more frequently.  Many say that coconut oil can go deeper into our strands than other plant oils.  This makes it a great choice if you are rebuilding the hair from the inside out.  I think there is a place for penetrating and non-penetrating oils.  For instance, I may layer on some coconut oil and later mist my hair using my Misto sprayer containing jojoba oil. Jojoba oil doesn't penetrate the hair making it a great choice to seal the hair.

It's all about balance. Yes we need heavy creams and moisturizers to treat the hair strand AND we should also incorporate various products to get in on the inside.

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