Style Obsession | Embellished Skirt + Basic Top

It's the heat of summer and you want to look & stylish without burning up or being overdressed.  So what do you do?  Get yourself an embellished skirt honey.

In all honesty, it can be sometimes tough to rock a mini without feeling like you've crossed the line between stylish and skank not so stylish.  The answer to this dillema, my dears, is the fashionably designed mini that pairs wonderfully with the most basic of basics.  Yes, a black or white tee creates a flawless balance that pulls the look together.  The gorgeous designs on these skirts draw attention away from the length and keeps 'em focused on the fact that you are practically wearing art. The embellished skirt is the perfect look for going out with the girls" or date night.  I love how they come in various lengths based on your confidence level. Which one is your favorite?

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