The Dewy Skin Formula

For much of my skin care journey, I battled with uncontrollable acne.  That issue was top priority.  My only focus was clearing up my blemishes.  Having dewy, glowing skin was not even on my radar.  Thankfully, my change in eating and drinking have made a huge impact on my skin.  And, with the help of exfoliation and various tools, I'm seen a tremendous improvement with scarring.

Now I get to play offense instead of defense with my skincare game.  After reflecting on some of the characteristics of amazingly healthy skin, I created some new goals.  Summer is absolutely the best time to rock dewy skin.  I'm referring to skin that appears ultra hydrated and is accompanied by an all over glow.  Who wouldn't want that?

I have a few tips and tricks on creating dewy skin that are simple and effective.  Let's discuss.

Before we get into the discussion, I would like to create a distinction between glowing skin and dewy skin.

Glowing Skin = Skin that appears healthy and reflects light
Dewy Skin= Healthy, ultra-hydrated skin that reflects light.

Obviously, the skin can not look dewy if one is suffering from dry areas.  Priority one has be to elevate moisture and sealing it in.  You already should know what I'm going to say next.....
The very first step in increasing moisture in the skin is drinking enough water.  I'm talking two liters a day or more.  When you are dehydrated, it shows up in the skin big time.  Worst of all, the change happens pretty quickly which is why consistency is everything. 

Once you've upped your water intake, now we can move to dewy-skin creating actions.  Dewy skin is fresh skin.  Meaning, the skin should be well exfoliated in order to give off that envious glow.  My absolute favorite product for this job is Fresh's Sugar Face Polish first introduced to us via an Instagram Beauty Secrets post.  It exfoliates gently and contains natural plant oils. When you use it, you remove dead skin cells while the oils seal in the moisture received from the water while rinsing.  When you're done, the skin looks hydrated on another level.  It's flawless.  I've used oil-free facial scrubs before but they only work to strip the skin of the natural oils and moisture. You don't want to go there.

Another go-to for super soft, ultra hydrated skin is Manuka honey.  They say that honey face mask boosts moisture levels in the skin.  Manuka is your typical honey, but on crack!  It's loaded with anti-microbial properties.  My skin after washing off a Manuka honey mask, feels so moist and dewy but without the light shine of using a product containing oil.

Speaking of oil.  Let's talk a little about oil cleansing.  That's where one uses a natural oil to "cleanse" the face by massaging it into the skin. Oil cleansing is an extraordinary way to remove makeup.  I find it extremely effective for bringing dirt to the surface for easy removal.  Similar to the Fresh Sugar Polish, a very thin layer of oil remains on the skin to seal in moisture.  People who are scared to try this method are fearful of breakouts and looking greasy. That couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, some say that using oil to cleanse can actually help your skin control it's oil production.  I battle with oil skin at times and, let me tell you, I'd rather have the even dewy look after oil cleansing than walk around with super oily skin.  There is a huge difference.

Lastly, I want to take a minute and shout out my Evian Facial Mist spray.  Ever since my first encounter, this product has been a daily staple.   I use it more so to moisturize my hair but I also appreciate it's ability to provide instant moisture when my face feels a bit dry.  Right now I'm experimenting with misting with Evian and then applying a light layer of CapriClear coconut oil to seal and so far, I'm digging it. All of this will serve me well come winter time.


  1. Very good advice! I always put on organic honey on my face, shoulders and decoltage when in the sauna after exercise. Makes a huge difference when it comes to hydrate and clean the pores. Nowadays I never use foundations or primers or anything but moisturisers on my skin, even at work!

  2. Manuka is amazing, my skin is naturally dry, but I discovered Manuka last year, I even wrote a post about it:

    I think it's best for dry skin.

  3. From your post and the comments, I think I need to look up this Manuka honey. Sounds promising, you always have really good tips.


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