Crodabond CSA: The blend that claims to seal your cuticle layer shut.

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I get all excited whenever I learn about a new hair care ingredient that promises to significantly impact the health of the hair.  There's a company by the name of Croda who manufactures active ingredients to improve the effectiveness of products.  I've been following them ever since I first learned of 18-MEA.  They were one of the only manufacturers who offered 18-MEA to hair care companies for use in their formulations.

Well it appears that the good people of Croda has done it yet again!  This time, they've developed a blend by the name of Crodabond CSA.  What is Crodabond CSA? It's probably the most revolutionary ingredient in cuticle protection since the creation of synthetic ceramides.  Actually, Crodabond CSA appears to behave in a way that is very similar to ceramides but seems to have longer term benefits.  Check out what they have to say about this amazing compound.

Crodabond™ CSA is designed to combat lifted cuticles. It was specifically engineered to seal down hair cuticles that have been damaged through coloring, bleaching, perming or thermal straightening. As an oligo ester derived from sebacic acid and hydrogenated caster oil, Crodabond™ CSA adheres to the lifted cuticles, cementing them together and smoothing out the hair fiber.
  According to this article, the wonderful effects of a smooth, intact cuticle layer can last for up to 14 days after treatment.  That's super impressive.  Can you imagine having smooth strands two weeks after washing?  Imagine how that could impact your breakage levels in between washes?   Unfortunately Croda doesn't manufacture its own commercial products nor do they sell their formulas to consumers.  So I asked myself, "how do I get my hands on Crodabond? I need to have this!"  So far, I was only able to find one brand featuring Crodabond.  Tigi Hair Reborn Sublime Smooth seems to contain a myriad of Croda formulations including their 18-MEA formula, Crotein Cashmere, which is a keratin blend made from wool fibers, and of course Hair Reborn also has Crodabond CSA to lay that cuticle layer down.

The more I contemplate on Hair Reborn, the more I desire need it.  Where else can I get such a wide variety of Croda's healthy hair cocktails in one bottle?  I'm not even phased by the price because this one bottle has so many amazing properties.  I can not pass this up. 


  1. I just found a sample pack, shampoo, conditioner and balm on eBay for $9-- SCORE!!! That price point does give me pause so anytime I can try a product before taking the big plunge, I'm all for it. Thanks for the info!

  2. can't wait for a follow up post on this! also, I am gonna be annoying and ask if you have done research about oleoplex again O:-)

  3. Hi Zoe,
    Are you referring to Olaplex? I couldn't find much info on Oleoplex. Can you give me a hint?

  4. Hi Nadege, do you have any sulfate free shampoo recommendations?

  5. yes I did mean olaplex! sorry about the typo

  6. found this article :

  7. Hi Anon,
    I like to use cleansing conditioners. My favorite is WEN Honey Fig. It's my fave.

  8. have you purchased this product yet? if so, could you please provide a review of it!


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